Shoot More Than Tin Cans With An Expert Air Gun

Air guns are guns that shoot pellets or BBs. Unlike regular guns, which use ammunition containing gun powder to fire bullets, air rifles use compressed air or gases.

Air guns include pistols, rifles, and pellet guns. Some may shoot tin cans with air guns, but that isn’t their only purpose. Read on to learn about some of the air guns on the market today and other things you can shoot with air guns if you have the right gun and the best accessories.

Umarex airguns are popular with air gun enthusiasts.


Umarex is the famous gun manufacturer behind popular brands such as Glock, Browning, Ruger, and Smith and Wesson. Umarex pellet rifles shoot small metal pellets. Retailers such as Pyramyd Air offer free shipping for customers spending $150 or more on their orders. Some models, such as the Umarex Fusion 2 CO2 rifle, come with an extra magazine, making it easy for shooters to reloading. Umarex sells air guns designed for youth and powerful air guns intended for small game hunting.

Standard accessories for these include BBs, pellets, CO2 cartridges, cleaning kits, scopes, and targets.

Use air guns for target practice.


Air guns are a great option for target practice. Set up paper, plastic, or metal targets, and use these to improve your aim and increase accuracy while firing. Target practice can help you learn to handle the recoil and adjust for shooting variables, such as weather conditions.

You may be able to set up target practice on your property or may opt to practice shooting at a local gun club or range. Before you purchase an air gun, you must learn about the local laws governing air rifle use. While anyone who’s 18 or older can buy an airgun without a license, airgun users must still comply with federal, state, and municipal regulations.

Keep an air gun handy for pest control.

Use an air rifle to manage pests near your home. Airguns are quieter than regular guns, making it possible to use them in residential areas without drawing unwanted attention from the sound of a gunshot. If you have a problem with rats in your garage or squirrels building nests in your gutters, you may opt to shoot them. This can be a safe alternative to putting out poison, particularly if you have pets or children. You can also use airguns to take care of birds as well, such as starlings and magpies.

Hunt small game.

Air rifles are an option for small game hunting. The type of animals you can hunt will depend on the model of the airgun its velocity output and how much energy it can produce. Velocity is often measured in meters per second (MPS) or feet per second (FPS) covered by the ammunition. Energy is measured in foot-pounds of energy (FPE) which factors in velocity as well the weight of the pellet”. The pound-force per square inch (PSI) refers to the force used to propel the shot. Hunters should opt for airguns with faster loading times when hunting larger animals.

Typical airguns are suitable for hunting small animals, such as rabbits, groundhogs, grouse, and muskrats. Airguns are a great option for teaching young hunters about gun safety and hunting etiquette before moving on to large game animals.

There are some key features you should consider when buying an airgun.

Umarex is just one company that manufactures air rifles. Other popular brands include Crosman, Air Arms, Daisy, and Beretta. Some models come with an adjustable trigger, enabling shooters to adjust how much force it takes to fire a shot. Adjusting the trigger can ensure you keep your grip on the gun and not let it slip when you fire. Your shots will be smoother, ensuring your accuracy when you fire, which is beneficial in small spaces such as a backyard or garden.

Airsoft guns must have an orange flash hider or a 1/4-inch blaze orange muzzle when they’re shipped. These features ensure airsoft guns aren’t mistaken for regular firearms.

Air rifles are an excellent option for shooting tin cans. You can also use air rifles for target practice, pest control, and small game hunting. Depending on how you plan to use your air rifle, you may opt to invest in an air rifle with a quick ammunition loading system, an adjustable trigger, and enough velocity to kill larger animals.