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Shopping in Kashmir: A list of must-buys for every tourist

The first thing that strikes our mind when we think about Kashmir is the snow-clad mountains and peaks. It is very true that if you wish to see heaven then Kashmir is the only place for you to visit. But Kashmir is not only famous for its snow clad mountains and natural beauty, it is also famous for a lot of other things like the handicrafts, Kesar, shawls, dry fruits and the world-famous carpets that are only found there. The city also offers the best places to stay from where you can immerse in the beauty of nature and enjoy your holidays. All you need to do is to book a room using offers and save more on your billings.

If you are planning to visit Kashmir then you must buy these things from there and bring home the essence of the place forever in your memories as well as in your shopping bags. You will come across a lot of small things while roaming on the streets of Kashmir so it is always better to make a list of things so that you do not miss on any special items.

Here is a list of some must buy products from Kashmir. Hope it will help you in shopping the best products for your friends and family on your way back home.

Dry fruits and spices

Dry fruits and spices are found in abundance in Srinagar. Different kinds of walnuts like Kagzi, won’t walnuts & spices like saffron, shah zira and honey are among the specialities of Srinagar which are famous across the globe. The quality of saffron found here is considered to be the most expensive and rarest one.

Silver jewellery

The antique and unique designs of the silver jewellery found in Kashmir have no match. From earrings to the necklace to anklets or heavy sets everything is just amazing and the work done with beads and colours makes it worth grabbing and adorning with your apparel.

Handcrafted carpets

We all know that Kashmir is full of talented craftsmen who are proudly making India famous across the globe with their talent. The colourful carpets available here are the best. With vibrant colours and fine texture, these carpets will embrace the beauty of your living area.

Pashmina shawls

The shawls are made of sheep wool and pashmina wool and are known across the world for their cool colours and amazing designs. These shawls are the best option to buy for your mother and make her enjoy those chilly winters in this cosy shawl.

Paper mache products

Paper Mache products are very much popular in Srinagar. Some of them are delicately carved inexpensive metals like gold & silver. You can find a range of paper mache products including pen stands, trinket boxes, candle cases & vases that you can pick as souvenirs or gifts. These are surely one of the best things to buy in Srinagar.

Clay and terracotta carved utensils

Kashmir offers a treat to the eyes with its colourful collection of clay and terracotta utensils. The utensils are carved with hands and are then coloured using cool colours to brighten up your crockery collection. These utensils can be the best option to take back home and gift it to your loved ones or simply keep them for you.


Kashmir has a lot of budding talent and is known for the best craftsmen across the globe. When you are visiting the valley, always keep in mind to shop in the local markets from where you can actually form a bond with the real Kashmir. Buy as many products as you can and do not forget to enjoy your trip with the local food of the city too. Visit dal lake and shop for unlimited products at the maharaja bazaar. Bring back happy memories of your visit in the form of gifts and souvenirs for yourself as well as for your loved ones.