Should You Get An Electric Bike? 

Are you contemplating switching to riding an electric bike either from a regular bicycle or from a car? Apart from the money you will need to spend on your new purchase, there are other factors which you may want to keep in mind before deciding on whether or not to buy an electric bike.

Here are some of the pros and cons you may want to consider in order to make an informed choice.

The PROS of Electric Bikes

Electric bikes are fun

Simply said, riding an electric bike is pure fun. It combines the freedom and the exercise associated with cycling, but with the added assistance from the motor when the uphill road becomes too hard to climb, or when you are having trouble keeping up with the more advanced cyclers.

A motor-assisted electric bike can reach a speed that is sufficient to get to your destination faster and with less effort than by pedaling all the way.

Plus, when you ride an electric bike, you can spend more time enjoying the outside world and surroundings rather than sweating and focusing on your efforts and on the road ahead of you all the time.

Studies have shown that people who have transitioned from riding traditional bicycles to electric bikes tend to ride more often and to travel at more considerable distances. All of this is due to the convenience, and the pure fun of riding a bike which you know will help you get on when the road becomes tough and when you feel too tired to keep up.

E-bikes are cheaper to buy and maintain than cars

Modern electric bikes are powered with compact and yet durable batteries, which you can easily charge at home or at your office, at a minimal price for electrical power. This is much less expensive than having to pay for fuel every other day or week.

Plus, with electric bikes, you can forget about the costly and time-consuming oil changes, repair works, insurances, parking fees and other expenses associated with owning and driving a car or truck.

You will be able to save serious amounts of money if you choose to commute, go grocery shopping, or run other errands with your electric bike and leave your car in the garage.

They are environmentally friendly

If you want to help the environment and lead a greener life, then an e-bike is a huge step forward in this direction.

Electric bikes do not contribute to harmful greenhouse gas emissions. Plus, by riding an e-bike you will help reduce the traffic in your city or area, and thus reduce the pollution and traffic problems too.

E-bikes are very convenient

You can ride an electric bike on the road, off-road, and anywhere else where it is permitted in your city or state.

This means that you can easily cut through or avoid the traffic jams, take shortcuts, and get to your destination much faster and easier than with a car.

Also, some electric bikes are foldable, which makes it possible to take them on a train or bus with you, as well as to store them in your office or home, instead of looking for a suitable parking space.

You can travel faster and cover longer distances with an electric bike

While most electric bikes and pedelecs do require that you do some pedaling, they do have battery-powered motors which are ready to kick in when you need them the most – during uphill rides, or when trying to keep up with traffic, or when going to a destination which is too far away for pedaling only.

With an electric bike, you can reach your desired destination much faster and easier. Plus, you can use your e-bike to reach destinations that you wouldn’t ordinarily able to cover with a regular bicycle.

You can use them for commuting

You can ride your e-bike to work instead of driving or using public transportation, so you can save money for fuel and tickets, as well as time from being stuck in traffic jams.

Using an electric bike for commuting has advantages over cycling to work because you can reach your work faster and with less effort. This means that you will arrive fresh and sweat-free, instead of flustered and in need of a shower.

An e-bike will help you get fitter and become healthier

This is true if you are considering switching from driving to riding an electric bike.

Even though they do have motor assistance, the most common types of e-bikes do require some effort on your side. They do require pedaling, balancing and steering. This is an excellent form of aerobic exercise, especially for people who are used to leading sedentary lifestyles.

Even with a motor, an electric bike is still a much healthier alternative to driving a car.

Electric bikes have been found to strengthen the bones, improve joint mobility, help improve the posture, and also help strengthen the muscles and burn the extra fat.

By being more active, you will reduce the risk of suffering a heart attack, a stroke, getting diabetes, or developing other potentially fatal health problems associated with leading a sedentary lifestyle and being overweight or obese.

The CONS of Electric Bikes

In order to be completely objective when deciding whether or not to purchase and use an electric bike, you may want to look at the main cons associated with these electric vehicles.

E-bikes are more expensive than conventional bicycles

This is a serious disadvantage if you are considering moving from riding a traditional bicycle to an electric bike.

Although there are some affordable electric bikes on the market, they are still usually quite more expensive than regular bicycles.

Then again, they are cheaper to buy and maintain than cars that require fuel, oil, insurance, parking fees, and other additional expenses.

They are heftier than conventional bikes

Most electric bikes have heavier frames designed and made to carry the weight of the motor and battery. This makes them heavier than traditional bicycles.

This may not seem like a big deal, but it can be a real problem if you happen to run out of battery power in the middle of the road and need to pedal or push the e-bike back all the way home.

Plus, due to this heavier weight, you can expect an electric bike to get flats more often than a conventional bicycle.

The laws regarding electric bikes are not completely clear

Since electric bikes are a relatively new thing, in many states, countries, and cities, there are no clear rules about where people are supposed to ride them – on the roads, on the bicycle lanes, or elsewhere.

Also, the speed restrictions and required licenses differ from one city or state to another.

So, you may want to check out your local laws and regulations, to see whether you will be allowed to ride on bicycle lanes, or you will need to ride along with the cars on the roads?

Also, check whether there are speed restrictions, age restrictions, and requirements for getting a special license for riding the electric bike you have chosen.

Final Words

As you can see, there are numerous benefits as well as some negative aspects of owning and riding an e-bike.