Smart Homes and the Gadgets That Are Coming

Technology and Gadgets for Your Home of the Future

We have an endless desire for gadgets and technology, and as new products become available on a daily basis, it can be difficult to discern what is good and what is just a fad. To ease your struggle a little, we have put together a short list of the latest technology worth your consideration, aimed at helping you around the home.

Heating and Water

Having the ability to manage the temperature of your home before you get there can be a real comfort, especially for those in very hot or cold climates. With a smart heating and water system, with just your phone or mobile device, you can programme the timers to switch on and off according to your wishes, as well as adjusting the temperature to your exact specifications. This can help keep bills to a minimum and ensure your home is always comfortable regardless of what time you get back. With added advances like having the capability to start running a bath from your phone, you can truly start relaxing from the minute you get back.

The cost of upgrading to any good quality smart systems which have a long lifespan can be significant. For any homeowners looking to renovate their current property, it would be a good time to look at investing in these home technologies. Not only is this a good idea for those residing there, but such modifications can also significantly increase the appeal of the property to future buyers, should the time come for it to be sold.

Considering the potential costs involved, one of the best options you have is the ability to refinance your existing loan. Taking into account the amount of equity you have in the property, you’re undoubtedly going to be in the black after the installation, as your home’s value will also go up. For the best possible deal, we recommend you research and compare home loans online to get the right plan for you to free up the necessary funds required for your renovations and improvements.

Smart Lighting

On the cheaper end of the scale (as far as upgrades go) we have smart lighting systems, of which there are numerous ones available on the market. Some are highly complex while others are more suited to a beginner and are more affordable. The primary goal of changing to smart lighting is to reduce the amount of electricity that is used and wasted when lighting your home. The lights can be regulated by timers which can turn them on and off or dim and brighten depending on the amount of light entering your home. The same smart lighting can also be used to create an atmosphere or set a mood, by changing colour to many different tones of your choosing.

Start with an Assistant

Siri was introduced by Apple eight years ago, and since then we have had Google and Amazon release their own digital assistants. Amazon’s Alexa, for example, can be integrated into the technical systems of your house. These assistants can equally be a useful tool to make life a little more comfortable at home, without the connectivity to a bigger smart system. This makes them a great purchase to get you started on smart gadgets for your home. Through voice activation, you can set alarms, timers and ask questions on a range of topics, from general knowledge to mathematics problems.

All you need to get an assistant up and running is a stable internet connection. You can purchase an assistant inexpensively, and there are guides on how to synchronise assistants with other gadgets you may have.

Security Cameras and Locks

The home security industry is expected to be worth over USD 70 billion in the next few years. The advances of products like cameras and door locks have been immense and unrelenting. Many homeowners are already investing in automatic lighting and simple cameras to deter any would-be thieves from any wrongdoing.

There are systems available which include 24/7 monitoring by the provider, these are good for those with plenty of money but not feasible for every homeowner due to running costs — acquiring a simple system which includes cameras monitoring access to the property, an alarm which is loud and noticeable and electronic locking so all residents can use a PIN to gain access. These systems are affordable, easy to install and are an excellent deterrent for any trespassers. You can also use your smart device to view the camera or activate the alarm as needed.

Smart gadgets and technology will be commonplace in homes of the future so understanding what you can achieve and what products are available is crucial for any person who owns a home and wants to keep the bills and expenses low and their security and comfort high.