snapseed for pc

Snapseed for PC – Windows 7/8/10/XP

Snapseed is a complete photo editing application for professional photo editors, developed by Google. Snapseed allows the user to enhance their photos by applying filters, adjusting the light, blur, etc. In this article, we’ll learn how to install Snapseed for PC.

Snapseed is available for iOS & Android on their respective app stores but it is not available for PC or MAC. But this is a world of geeks and they can figure out anything. In this article, I’ll show you how to download and install Snapseed for PC.

snapseed for pc

How to download and install Snapseed for PC

  1. Download an Android Emulator, we recommend Droid4x or Bluestacks.
  2. Open Play Store and perform first time Google sign in.
  3. Search for “Snapseed” and click Install.
  4. Let it download then search for the app in the application drawer.
  5. Click on the icon and here you go, Snapseed for PC is ready.

Download Snapseed for PC via APK

  1. Download an Android Emulator, same as the first step earlier.
  2. Now click here to download the APK for Snapseed.
  3. The run the APK file, it will automatically open in the emulator.
  4. Install and run the app from the application drawer.
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Key Features of Snapseed

  • User-friendly and easy to use design and controls.
  • 25+ tools and filters like Healing, Brush, HDR, Perspective, Structure, etc.
  • “Stack” for re-adjusting editing later.
  • Fine & Precise tweaking tools.
  • Open and edit JPG, DNG types of files.

Snapseed Essential Tools & Filters

  • RAW Develop – Edit RAW DNG files, export them as JPG extension.
  • White Balance – Make the image look more natural by adjusting colours.
  • Crop – Resize and share.
  • Rotate – Grab the image and rotate your fingers, easy.
  • Brush – Retouch and enhance the image by changing exposure, brightness, saturation or warmth.
  • Healing – Remove unwanted persons from your selfie.
  • Vignette – Soft darkness around corners.
  • Text – Add text to your pictures with a lot of styling features.
  • Lens Blur – Enhance your photos with a shallow depth of field.
  • HDR Scape – Create the effect of multiple exposures.
  • Vintage, Black & White, Drama, Grainy Film and many other filters.
  • Frames – Select a frame from a huge list, resize it and add.
  • Face – Add focus to eyes, smoothen skin, increase brightness.

snapseed for pc

Facts on Snapseed for PC

  • Spot repair is in like manner for the flaw of the photograph, be that as it may, it is for the generous parts. While the brush can make these parts less recognizable.
  • Snapseed for PC can moreover change the photo on either level, vertical or even with degrees. You can pick some flawed spots with particular options. While the outer splendour can be changed with vignette.
  • You can alter the photo on your pined for the measure or remove a couple of domains you needn’t bother with others to see. You can change in free mode or just set the point of view extent. You can in like manner rotate on your desired edge.
  • You can tune the photo by changing the quality. It can give you modified outcome in a solitary tick anyway you can set the measure of sparkle.
  • Channels and point of convergence cloud are the most generally perceived in light of the way that it can change the whole scene or add a couple of effects to the photo.