Some Good Educational Android Apps and Tools for Students

In the digital age, education tools abound with plenty of options to help students learn, engage, and master difficult subjects. Mobile-app developers have seen this potential, creating apps that turn phones into helpful study sidekicks. Other developers have focused on tools that can help students manage and organize their study time and finances.

Understanding what apps are available and how they can help you is an essential step to making the most of your education. This article will examine some of the best android apps and tools designed to helps students both learn and organize their studies.

Educational Learning Apps


This powerful search and answer engine can help in almost academic fields with its extensive knowledge base. The app works by searching and compiling resources related to a user’s specific questions. With math questions, the app shows a step by step breakdown of the calculation—helping students see how to arrive at the correct answer. WolframAlpha is an excellent tool for teaching students how to ask research questions and find solutions for themselves.


One unique challenge for students is learning how to write, construct ideas, and formulate arguments. With an essay, students can get tailored feedback and tutoring on writing assignments that help them learn how to write stronger and better essays. With this unique platform, students can even order assignment directly from the professional team on

Nasa App

This science-lover app comes with videos, photos, live feeds, and lots of text and resources that help to teach users about the solar system. It provides a wealth of information that can be used for both guided and independent study about the universe.


One of the best language learning apps available, Duolingo offers a large variety of language education at absolutely no cost. The team is constantly expanding its language offerings with new courses being continuously developed. The courses are structured to teach practical vocabulary and words each day while rewarding users for meeting set goals and challenges. This keeps the language learning fun and interactive.

If there is a language you can’t find there, then try Memrise. This is also a great app with lots of courses focused on helping users learn the vocabulary and grammar of many different languages.

Tools for Organization


At its core, Evernote is note taking app taken to new extremes. This streamlined platform helps to unify various phone functions into one centralized app. The smartly designed Evernote integrates both typing and handwriting capabilities while letting users add charts, diagrams, and photos to their notes.


This smart app helps users to set location-related reminders. Users list tasks associated with specific locations, such as classrooms and libraries, that are then triggered when a phone’s GPS alerts tasker that the user is in that location. For instance, a user could set an alert that turns their cell phone on silent mode when entering a classroom or automatically connecting to the wifi in a particular location.


Being a student requires a lot of discipline and organization, which is why Mint is an excellent app for helping young students to learn how to budget their finances. This password-protected app acts like a personal accountant by keeping track of bills and other spending. It shows students how to budget appropriately and plan for unplanned costs that regularly pop-up while studying.

Final Thoughts

Students today can benefit from all of these practical and focused phone applications. When used consistently and correctly, they become the right aids to one’s learning objectives. Understanding how to use organizational tools is an equally important step to being an independent student.