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Some of The Best Social Media Platforms Today

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Many people are now in the social media world because they want to connect with their family, friends, colleagues, and familiar people online. People post everything that they wish to in these social media apps, especially their lifestyle, life events, what they have, and sometimes frustrations.

With social media, you can get other people’s information quickly because they also put there some information that should be private. Well, that is a disadvantage when you are on a social media platform, sometimes people post things that they should not without even thinking. It is easier to know their locations and what they are doing.

Now that we are living in an era where you can almost access anything on the web, we can see the changes in the lives of people, personally and professionally. But one thing is for sure that social media apps are helpful tools for us to communicate with other individuals, especially that we need communication in our daily lives.

Busy people are those who take advantage of these apps, such as business people, students, entrepreneurs, office clerks, and a lot more. They exchange essential information, files, photos, videos, and other useful things, and most people use social media apps for business purposes. Apps like TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest are solely working with pictures as they help themselves to be beneficial in gaining followers on Instagram and then to buy likes on TikTok, views to your Pinterest updates, and so on. So here are a few picked up best social media apps from today’s social media.


Pinterest is a social media platform that enables users to share pictures associated with services, goods, and projects, and to discover different interests visually through searching for images that other people post. You can imagine that this app is like a bulletin board or pinboard that is web-based, but more organized and functional. You can also say that it is like a tool for bookmarking.

Users can save or pin images that they can find on the internet to different boards. Those images are clickable, and you can open their source in a new tab. Pinterest is also an app for a social network. People can connect through comments, liking, re-saving other people’s work, and direct messaging other users. If you are ready to use this app, check this out to know how to use pinterest.


Twitter is very popular around the world, and different people are using it. This app has millions of monthly active users, and you can use this app to tweet, post photos, and videos and message other people. You can easily connect with the people that you know by following their profiles. Once you become their follower, you can now see their post on your feed.

You can also choose to have a public or private profile. If you want a private profile, then you can decide who follows you and who does not. Twitter is also popular because it is where people rant and express their opinion towards someone or something.


Instagram is used by different kinds of people, such as celebrities, ordinary individuals, sports icons, and even businesses. This app allows users to post their pictures and videos online. It also has a billion monthly active users, and that is why it is famous. When you post a video or photo, you can put geotags, hashtags, and captions to that post.

You are also allowed to have a public or private account, depending on your preference. Different users can see your post if there is a hashtag or geotags on it. It is the perfect app if you want to post your ideal travel photos or videos, and other great activities.


Social media apps are helpful tools that we can use for communication, business, and other useful things. While there are billions of users around the world, we are linked digitally by these apps. We can now easily connect with the people that we know and people that we want to know.