TV does not turn on

Sometimes it happens that your TV does not turn on. Don’t worry

TV does not turn on

There may be some reasons, and they are solved so easily. Let’s consider a few of them:

1. If the indicator on the TV is off (This is good in most cases because the problem may not be on the TV):

  • the house turned off the electricity;
  • the machine turned off in the shield;
  • the socket to which the TV is connected is faulty;
  • some problems with the wiring.

2. If the indicator on the TV is on:

  • the remote control does not work (check the batteries);
  • because of power surges or power outages, the protection has tripped;
  • the TV is out of order because of a short circuit.

3. If the TV indicator is blinking.

In this case, your TV reports an error. Each brand has its own mistake and to find out, you should read the instructions for the TV. If you do not have instructions, you can contact the TV brand support.

Also, the TV won’t turn on due to the following reasons:

  • TV overheating;
  • mechanical damage (falls, bumps);
  • system failure;
  • faulty power socket.

Each case must be carefully checked to understand exactly why the breakdown occurred and find an individual solution. Therefore, do not repair yourself, you can only make it worse.

Today, there is a TV in every house or even several. This is an important component of your home because with it you will learn the news, share with your family memories or spend a warm family evening. TV is an expensive technique that requires some care.

How to use TV to avoid premature breakage:

  • create space for natural ventilation;
  • turn off the TV before a thunderstorm;
  • be careful when cleaning the surface of screens;
  • avoid direct sunlight;
  • avoid sudden temperature changes;
  • transport only upright.

In some cases, a breakdown may be a manufacturing defect. If the warranty has not yet expired, the store where you bought the TV should replace you with a new one.