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Stocks Vs Bitcoin – Where Should You Invest in 2020

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It has been a long asked important question as to what among both bitcoin and stock is a better place to invest in. It seems to be difficult, to choose among the two, but we have the options that will help you understand when and where should you invest. Many of the fresher really stumble when it comes to choosing the correct place to invest in, which apparently varies from man to man.

While bitcoin gives you all the information related to investment in cryptocurrency but we would give you the detailed study of both the stocks and bitcoins. It depends completely on the number of returns they are expecting. It also depends on how much you want to invest in either the bitcoin or in the stocks. So, it will depend on you and the number of money that you want to invest, while we will tell you what could make the difference. Bitcoin is best digital currency to make money.

The first good sign of bitcoin that has been noticed is that bitcoin is working well for the retirement portfolio. Here we will try to establish the pointers on why one should try to be dependent on bitcoins rather than stocks in the market. Bitcoins are so safe to use that no one has to worry about it at all, you just need to be sure that no one does any fraud cases with your bitcoin.

Bitcoin Returns Are Very Strong – You Might not Realise

Over the year’s bitcoins have been performing well and giving back significant returns, to the customers who use it. Bitcoin gives a better return than any other stocks or market and since the initial days of bitcoin we have noticed that.

If we look back to the past few years, we will find the returns that have been given by bitcoins are great, like if we look back in the past few years, we will find the proof,

Bitcoin + 1500% in 2011

Bitcoin + 299% in 2012

Bitcoin + 5400% in 2013

USD + 13% in 2014

Bitcoin + 37% in 2015

Bitcoin + 130% in 2016

As a stock, these returns are outstanding in the past 6 years, there is no such asset, stock, or derivatives like this which gives back such impulsive returns. There are some user-friendly wallets and services, that also helps you in getting back this kind of returns.

Bitcoin as a retirement portfolio

Bitcoin is one of the best retirement portfolios, that can be kept for all future purposes. But there is some calculation too, like if an investor buys bitcoin at any stretch other than a stretch of 11 years then and by now you must be getting some of the profit since the interest is much more hence the bitcoin is the best retirement policy. Many people fail to understand the requirement but it does work like that.


How much bitcoin asset you have will never be asked by anyone, as there is no authority who would look after your asset or much you earn or how much you save. Your money would be your money, no one else would be responsible for anything anyhow. The decentralization quality of the bitcoin helps to get over the trauma of income tax or anything as such.

Bitcoin has no history

The best part is that bitcoin has no transaction history, you can send or get bitcoin to anyone on earth or send it to anyone on earth. There is no such technology that would discover who sent bitcoin to whom, only the sender and the receiver would know about it. Hence it is easy to maintain a huge amount of bitcoin to anyone, anytime.