Suikoden 6 release date

Suikoden 6 Release Date and News 2020

Suikoden 6 rumors have started flowing around everywhere but no official news or release date has been mentioned yet. If you love role-playing games then you definitely have heard about Suikoden. Suikoden is a great role-playing game series which was released by Konami for PlayStation back in 1995. It has attracted gamers from all around the globe because of it’s mesmerizing gameplay. It is said to be based on a Chinese novel but the plot is mostly different. The series has different individual games based on different themes like mystical crystals, revolution, politics, corruption and so on. Suikoden games follow an irregular historical sequence of events that take place within the same open world with several best Suikoden characters appearing multiple times.

Till date, Suikoden series of games has released five parts named sequentially and the sixth part has been on hold for a long time now. Konami themselves haven’t made any announcements or released any updates officially but some source says that the 6th edition can under development. These sources are unofficial so this can just be rumors but at least they have got Suikoden fans excited. Otherwise, the fans were frustrated wondering if Konami killed the amazing series. The last iteration, which was Suikoden 5 was released 12 years ago in 2006 and after that, there had been no news since then. But sudden rumors have sparked the interest of many fans.

A Look at Suikoden’s History

As we all know Suikoden is a very popular role-playing game abbreviated RPG game which was released by Konami back in the year 1995. It was originally released for Sony PlayStation gaming console in Japan. After the release of its first iteration, it became very popular and gained a lot of good reputation in the gaming world. The most liked part about Suikoden was its different themes like Revolution, Politics, Fantasy, Mystical Crystals, Corruption, and many others.

Since then Konami has officially released five iterations or say five main titles of Suikoden, all named Suikoden 1, Suikoden 2, Suikoden 3, Suikoden 4 and Suikoden 5. Although as more and more titles got released Suikoden lost its popularity but the core fans remained. Now it’s been years since Suikoden released it last iteration so the fans are worried that Suikoden 6 might never get released. This created a movement among the fans and suddenly rumors started flying around a potential release of Suikoden 6 in the near future.

Suikoden 1 and 2 got their Visual Novel

Between the year 1999 and 2001, Konami released two novels based on Suikoden 2. It was released by a new team working on Suikoden as the original team left the franchise. These two were visual novels and are considered a spin-off of Suikoden 2 named Suika Gaiden. They are available only in Japan for the PlayStation 1. Lots of fans in Europe got disappointed as they were unable to get the novel due to their strict release in Japan. Konami then hired more people on this project and came out with third Suikoden for PlayStation 2. This time the game had four protagonists instead of one like in the previous series. This time it has three main characters with different personalities and name with some optional characters.

It was a very big success for the company as they made a lot of profit and got great positive feedback from the fans in Japan and outside of Japan where the game was available.

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Release and Failure of Suikoden 4

The last iteration which was Suikoden 3 was a great success so Konami nor Nintendo wasted any time and came out with Suikoden 4 hoping it would be another banger. They mass produced the game for Japan, North Ameria, some Asian countries and surprisingly the whole of Europe.

This time game was directed by Masa Dukey Tsuruta and written by the writer of original Suikoden 1, Junko Kawano. Although the production was good and the team gave there all it didn’t work out well. First of all this team never worked on a single edition of this game together, some people were from the first version, some from second and so on. So the story felt broken and not connected. It was not a smooth experience and announced the failure of Suikoden 4. Later it for a spinoff called Suikoden Tactics in the year around 2005.

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Reasons behind Suikoden 6 Delay

Suikoden 6

Original Suikoden rights are owned by Konami which is one of the biggest names in Video games companies and seems like they do now want to release another iteration for this series. But some (unofficial) sources suggest that they can sell the rights to another AA rated company who can work on Suikoden 6 production. Otherwise, the fans and news sources for Japanese gaming suggests that the Suikoden series is dead and unless Konami sells the rights to other company a new iteration will not be released. This has started a whole meltdown among old faithful fans of Suikoden series. The fact is that Suikoden sales were not that impressive and barely made any good profits to keep the investors interested. This kind of games requires a huge team of developers and designers and which costs a huge deal.

Another big blow to this is that Gaming studios like Konami are finding more money in Mobile gaming than gaming consoles. This is because both they provide sell profits but mobile gaming can be further monetized with in-game Ads and in-game purchases which sets a big drawback. With mobile gaming, these gaming studios can reach a wider audience too. But does that mean Suikoden 6 can be released for smartphones running Android or iOS? As of now, nothing is confirmed and looks like fans might have to keep on waiting. Piracy is another factor which is stopping them as the hackers are so advanced they release the cracked version within a week or two and that also hits the sales hard.

Suikoden 6 Release Date Update

Suikoden 6 release date

konami Suikoden 6

A little while ago these little sparks resulted in a fans moment where fans joined hands to appeal for the Suikoden Revival but by the looks of things they were never winning this battle. This is a losing battle because of the looks of history Konami is not known for selling the IP of their titles to other companies. But one thing is sure that the Revival Movement which was initiated still going strong on social media and you can also be a participant by sharing some hashtags and tagging official accounts.

Fans may criticize or hate Konami but this isn’t their fault as a triple AAA brand like them needs to generate profits to keep the investors interested. Their marketing and strategy team might suggest that the Suikoden series is not the greatest source of profits and sales. Excluding two the other three versions of Suikoden were just decent in sales and did not attract many fans from other games. Only the loyal fans stood and purchased the game which is a negative sign as companies want to grow their audience and not just settle for the loyal fans.

Alternatives to Suikoden 6

If you love role-playing games and is frustrated because of no great news on Suikoden 6 then check out these alternatives. There are so many gaming studios out there releasing hundreds of games every quarter, which fills up the shortage of great games in every genre. I myself is an avid gamer and these are some of the best alternatives for Suikoden 6 I suggest:

Valkyria Chronicles

This game was created by Shuntaro Tanaka and Ryutaro Nonaka. It was developed by another top AAA gaming studio SEGA. It has very similar gameplay to Suikoden series and is a good alternative for Suikoden 6.

Chrono Cross

It is another role-playing game developed for the PlayStation gaming console by Square which is an AA gaming studio. This game had a slightly lower budget but it was produced well. It is based on the novel Radical Dreamers. It comes very close to the Suikoden like gameplay with 40 and more different characters and many storylines. This game has some great music which was loved by the fans.

Skies of Arcadia

Talking about role-playing games, how can we not talk about this one. Skies of Arcadia is one of the popular alternatives for Suikoden 6. It was developed by Overworks for Dreamcast and finally got published by SEGA in the year 2000. The main characteristics of this game are the battles and fights between characters.

The Last Remnant

For gamers on different consoles, you might not have Suikoden available or not even some of these alternatives. The Last Remnant comes for Xbox 360 and other Xbox versions. It was developed and published by the gaming studio Square Enix.

So these were the best games you can play as alternatives of Suikoden 6 until it is officially released. While they give the feel of role-playing games they are not the same. You can try out them and tell us which one you liked the most in the comments below.

Suikoden 6 Update for 2019

It’s been a year since we last heard from the developers at Konami about the release of the next version of the most anticipated role-playing game Suikoden 6. Now the rumors are dying and the possibility of the fans getting the next edition to Suikoden series seems far from reality.

Final Verdict

According to the reports and sources, Suikoden 6 does not seems to be coming up any time soon but these flying rumors can spark something with Konami and they might get interested again. For now, you can enjoy these alternatives of Suikoden and enjoy other multiplayer games available on Steam.

Tell us are you a die-hard fan of Suikoden series and can’t wait for Suikoden 6 to release already in the comments below. Also, tell us who are the best Suikoden characters. Thank you for reading the article, also check out the best TracFone smartphones if you are looking to buy a new Android mobile and StafflinQ login.