Super Mario Run Level Up Tips

Super Mario the most famous character from early stages of video gaming has got a new game, Super Mario Run. It is a game made for handheld devices running Android or iOS. Approaching Android and iOS the famous character Mario is now introduced to it’s largest audience ever. The game is simple and easy, Mario runs from left to right automatically and users have to tap to make the character jump. Jumping mechanism are different provided drag and jump, hold and jump, etc. which make the character do different kind of moves. The game is fun but not as addictive, as it lacks many power-ups and precise controls which were there in the classic controller version of Nintendo. Super Mario Run is not an endless runner, you gotta level up to move forward. Here are some Super Mario Run level up tips for beginning your trip to save Princess Peach, from basic jumping and movement to how to build the ultimate Mushroom Kingdom.

super mario run

Super Mario Run Level Up Tips

Nintendo Account

The game itself will prompt you to link your Nintendo account to the game. Linking your account will get you access to exclusive in-game items and lets you earn My Nintendo reward points that can used to purchase Nintendo games and other digital goodies.


Vaulting is a new move added to the game which allows Mario to automatically hop over small enemies and obstacles. You can also perform a vault jump which executes if you tap on the screen while vaulting, it gives Mario some extra height and power.

Basic Jumping Controls

Jumping, the main move of any Mario game, and jumping skillfully is what gets your level completed. Super Mario Run jumping control is simple tap to jump but if you press harder the higher will be the jump plus you can gain extra height by tapping the screen as soon as you hit an enemy’s head.

Wall jumping, stalling and spinning

Wall jumping as seen in previous Mario games, it can be performed easily by tapping the screen as you hit a wall. You can chain wall jumps to reach higher places, vertical corridors. Spinning is performed by tapping the screen when Mario is in midair. While spinning Mario attacks nearby enemies and helps staying in air a little longer. Finally, if you want to stall, swipe left while in midair.

Play with Mario friends

Super Mario Run is not only about Mario you can play with other characters also when you have unlocked them. You can unlock Toad by linking you Nintendo Account to the game. You can unlock Luigi, Yoshi and Toadette by earning enough color-specific Toads to build their houses in Kingdom Builder mode. Finally, you can also unlock Princess Peach by finishing all six worlds.

Enemy Level ups

Super Mario Run has also added levels to enemies which will be increased after you defeat a certain amount of them. The higher the level the more coins will be dropped in Toad Rally mode. You can track enemy levels through your Notebook from the main menu.

Build your Kingdom

One of the new feature of the game is building your kingdom, Mushroom Kingdom. You can level up your Kingdom by playing the game mode Toad Rally. Leveling up your Mushroom kingdom will unlock new buildings, decorations, toad houses and many fun stuff.

Add your Pals

Adding friends adds more fun to game as you can see their score and compare whose a better player. Adding friends can be done by clicking on the Friends icon in the top left of main menu. You can enter your friend’s Nintendo ID or send request through email or text message.