Surveillance Cameras in Schools: Their Importance and Need

The increasing incidence of violence and anti-social activities in schools have left those in authority, the management and faculty members, parents, and students on tenterhooks. There exists an important and persisting need to redefine security monitoring in the face of shootouts, thefts, in-campus violence, and other threats that compromise upon the safety of one and all. Fortunately, technology-enabled surveillance activities are making it to the agenda of school management meetings and are being discussed upon like never before. More stringent law enforcement measures are being put in place with the help of experts in the field of surveillance systems.

Read on to know more about school surveillance and safety systems, their importance and need, and why they have become indispensable for the security of young minds and those who teach them.


Why is it Important to Deploy Surveillance Systems in School?

The prevalence of thefts, as well as threatening episodes of in-school fights and acts by unscrupulous elements, have underlined the importance of surveillance systems in schools. Along with the threats faced by young students, school administrators, principals, trustees, and supervisors also feel threatened by eventualities. Experts from recommend that schools install surveillance systems to ensure safety and peace of mind to students, parents, and educators. Given this scenario, cameras and other high-end technology-enabled security and alarm systems are being installed in classrooms, corridors, playgrounds, storerooms, canteens, near the entrance gates, and around the boundary walls of schools for everyone’s protection.

Advantages of Installing Surveillance Cameras

In recent times, there has been a spurt in the number of schools investing in the benefits of installing surveillance cameras in and around their premises. The most important advantages being:

General security and safety

By investing in surveillance camera systems, the management can assure parents and guardians that the general security of their children is being addressed while they are in school. These surveillance systems are constantly vigilant during and after school hours, while students are indulging in sports, extra-curricular activities, or cultural programs. The presence of cameras and alarm systems at strategic positions in the common areas, premises, and just outside the school property, serves as a deterrent to anti-social acts like vandalism, thefts, rough-ups, fights, and more.

Prevention of Bullying Activities

Modern-day surveillance camera systems comprise of video, audio, as well as different sound capturing features to enable smart tracking of what’s going on within school premises. These surveillance systems can also capture the harassing of students by others, teenagers bullying, lack of discipline in classrooms, and other such activities that need to be discouraged or punished. Here, video and audio footage and records come in handy in disciplining children and putting them back on track.

Evacuation in Emergencies

In case of emergency, quick actions can be taken in time to evacuate the staff, faculty, and children from the premises safely. The school security personnel, especially those sitting in front of the surveillance camera systems, can detect the problem in real-time, raise an alarm and drastically reduce the damages that can be caused due to any potentially dangerous situation.

Deterrent for Criminals

No criminal wants to be caught while performing any illegal act. School surveillance cameras (systems) are playing an important role in deterring these anti-social elements. They are usually installed at vital positions in the school premises and in full sight. For instance, the video surveillance cameras placed in the parking lot of schools warn potential perpetrators and may discourage them from committing a crime. The videos and images caught on the system come in handy for investigating theft, vandalism, violence, bullying, or any other illegal activities.

School CCTV Surveillance Cameras: Helpful for Students, Staff, and Faculty

It is common to find some unscrupulous teachers hurting or harassing their students. The security video surveillance systems and cameras curb such activities by recording the acts of these teachers. On the other hand, there have been instances of false accusations of sexual harassment or physical torture being levied on innocent teachers by some students. The evidence provided by CCTV camera footage helps in retaining the teachers’ reputation and saving his or her job. Overall, technology-enabled security systems are very helpful in keeping an eye on faculty members, staff, and teachers alike.

Install Smart School Surveillance Systems

It’s extremely important to provide adequate assurance to parents by guaranteeing the safety of children during school hours. As an administrator, owner, or trustee of a school, you may want to reach out to the manufacturers and installers of surveillance cameras to do the needful. Invest in the best school surveillance system, right away.