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Sync your data between multiple devices using SyncMate

When you have multiple devices running on different platforms then it can be very tedious to transfer or sync data between them. Specifically syncing data between Mac and Android can be very demanding as both of these companies being rivals they do not provide any built-in solution.

There are many third-party solutions for this problem but every app we tried lacks something. Some of them only let you transfer contacts while others only let you transfer documents and many were build with ugly UI. Later we tested SyncMate which turned out to be the best solution.

SyncMate is one of many applications built by Eltima, which is famous for its utility software. SyncMate checks all the points for an almost perfect data synchronization application.

SyncMate supports all popular Android phones like Samsung, Google Pixel, Huawei, Lenovo, Xiaomi and so on. Its core functionality provides these features:

Sync Contacts & Calendar

Just connect your Android Phone and Mac together, you can import/export all of your contacts and calendar details from one to another. No need to create the same thing on two different devices.

Sync Folders

Your important folders with documents, presentations, etc can be synced smartly whenever a file is updated on either device, SyncMate updates it everywhere.

Sync Music, Images, Videos

Your favorite albums, music videos, music library can stay consistent with your android and mac just like iTunes does it between iPhone and Mac.

Sync SMS and Mails

You can use SyncMate client on mac built into the application to view, create, send and delete messages on your Android devices seamlessly. You can also export them on to your mac for backup.

Mounting Android storage as Mac disk

This is an exclusive feature provided by SyncMate where you can connect your android such as the mac thinks it is an actual drive. This is very handy for transferring files and folders by simple drag & drop.

Extra features

It provides automatic syncing as soon as the device is connected. You can install add-on plugins for backups. You can also access Android call logs, etc.

Overall it is a great utility application that makes a lot of things easier with quick processing and a great user interface. We recommend this over any other syncing software as it provides all the features expected from a syncing/files transfer application. If you have used this app or another app similar to this, then tell us what do you think in the comments section.