Temporary Accommodation, Warehouses, and Shops: Ultimate Guide

We frequently hear about temporary shops and Warehouse venue hire, but it is rare to hear about temporary accommodation. But believe it or not, you can now access affordable motel rooms and tented camps that are either temporary or semi-permanent. If you are eyeing these areas for investment, then you need to follow this article for more information.

Generally, the use of temporary structures in various businesses has become common and has numerous benefits to investors. For now, let us examine the various things that you should know about temporary accommodation, warehouses, and shops.

The Design and Plans

Usually, as an investor, you will receive ready designs and plans. These buildings are called modular structures and come in standard sizes. The planners have already factored in numerous things when developing these designs including commonly used sizes, the latest and functional designs, materials, and the cost implications of each.

Tented accommodation structures are eco-friendly because they are typically used in the forest and other outdoor areas. But the warehouses and shops can come in appealing colors and materials that include structural steel, wooden panels, and windows.

Relocatable Designs and Concepts

Warehouses, shops, and even accommodation structures may require relocation more often. Likewise, other related structures like car showrooms may also need to be moved especially when the business is growing rapidly. In this case, the experts who design and prepare the modules ensure that they have made provision for this. The panels and frames are easy to unscrew, transport, and even assemble back in a different location. Many investors are looking for such temporary structures whether they are setting up a temporary tented camp, warehouse, or just a small shop.

Choosing the Right Materials

When selecting any of these temporary structures, the choice of materials to use matters a lot. But one thing to know is that some materials are better suited for one purpose and not another.

· Temporary accommodation – they are commonly known as fabric temporary structures because this is what they are made of. However, it is typical to find dormitories that are made of wooden panels. All of them must have enough security, ventilation, and comfort because they are meant for habitation on a temporary basis.

· Temporary warehouses and showrooms – these are large structures because they hold a lot of goods and sometimes many vehicles. Therefore, they need a strong framework to avoid collapsing due to weight or the effects of wind. The walls are often made of fabric, plastic panels, or wooden boards.

· Temporary shops – these are the easiest to make because they are small. Although some are made of modular panels, many of them are custom made to suit the needs of the business. The materials range from steel and wood to metal sheets or even fabric in some cases.


After choosing to make temporary structures for your business, you will be impressed that they have numerous benefits. Cost and time saving are the biggest advantages you will enjoy. However, the fact that they are easily relocatable and flexible gives businesses an edge.