Electric Scooter

The Advantages of Riding an Electric Scooter

Electric Scooter

Electric scooters have increased in popularity in the past few years and have turned into real alternative means of transportation, especially in overcrowded and high-traffic areas. If you’re considering joining the movement and giving your four-wheel a break once in a while, here are some of the advantages of owning such a device.

They’re good at any age

The legislation regarding owning and riding electric scooters is yet to be finished but many cities and states have created their own set of rules to keep riders and pedestrians safe. That being said, since most of these two-wheel vehicles can reach speeds up to 15-20 mph, they are suitable for all people age 16 and above.

Some states require a valid driver’s license to handle a motorized vehicle, including an electric scooter, while others only speak about wearing mandatory protective equipment.

So, what was once considered a product designed for teens and youngsters alone, electric scooters have developed into mass-production vehicles, suitable for people of all ages, especially young adults.

They’re green

Pollution is one of the biggest climate concerns in the 21st century, with the United States being one of the main pollutants globally. Directly linked to global warming, pollution can be reduced by choosing alternative means of transportation, including public transportation, shared rides, electric cars, and other green vehicles.

Electric scooters are 100% pollution-free as they only use energy to recharge a battery that later gives you a riding autonomy of around 20 miles with a single charge. Their gas emissions are 0 and, therefore, they represent a safe choice for the environment.

They’re convenient to use

Unlike regular cars, scooters are low-maintenance and convenient to use. They are lightweight and portable, which makes them the perfect choice when you’re commuting on relatively short distances. Even if your commute takes a longer time, you can replace walking or going with a bus with an electric scooter and contribute to keeping the environment cleaner.

Easy to park

Another reason why you should invest in an electric scooter is the fact that you can park them exactly in front of the building where you’re working, without having to worry about paying for a parking space. This can save you hundreds of dollars in a year as well as the frustration of having to walk 3-4 blocks from and to the place where you parked your car.

Keeping you in shape

Riding to work or school can be fun and can represent an excellent way to stay in shape and even lose a couple of pounds. Some products are designed to be used both manually and electrically, which means you don’t have to worry if your battery dies before reaching your destination.

Continue your ride by manually handling the scooter and improve your balance and hand-eye-foot coordination. An hour of riding a manual scooter can burn as many as 600 calories while also taking you to your destination on time, and without worrying about a parking place.

Why spend hundreds of dollars on monthly gym subscriptions when you can shoot two birds with one stone by riding to work and exercising at the same time?

A fun way to spend your spare time

Riding a scooter can also turn into a pleasant leisure activity if you take your best friend, children, or significant others with you. Apart from reaching your favorite park faster, it will also give you enough time to bond and laugh while you’re racing for the first place.

Just make sure everyone in your family has a valid driver’s license to enjoy a ride on their own electric scooter. It is forbidden for more than one person to be on the same device. And, if you haven’t found the perfect product for you yet, we suggest that you take a look at https://thescooterist.com/.