The Best Study Tips for College Freshman

Did you know the average cost of attending a private college in the US is $50,900? Sure, prices vary. For example, attending an in-state public college comes in at $25,290.

Clearly, further education in America is a costly investment.

It pays off though. After all, college grads stand to earn significantly higher sums in their future jobs versus non-graduates. But you have to put the work in first! Struggling to study in your first year? Worried about the potential implications? We want to help.

Keep reading to discover 5 study tips for college freshman.

5 Essential Study Tips for College Freshman Success

Studies can quickly become a secondary thought in amongst the excitement of freshman year. The following tips will help you keep up with the class.

1. Take Notes

Studying for papers and tests begins in the classroom.

You need to attend classes, read your textbooks, and take notes as you go. The notes you scribble down will help provide the key info to revise from.

It isn’t easy though. It can be hard to know what to write. Likewise, it can be hard to write quickly enough without missing details! Try recording your classes, or following up with your professor after class.

A flashcard maker may help you in this endeavor too!

2. Put Down the Phone

Your mobile phone isn’t making study time any easier. It’s the ultimate distraction and tool for procrastination.

Having your phone with you while studying is a recipe for inefficiency. You’ll be torn between Instagram, Snapchat, phone calls, and Messenger.

Put the mobile away!

3. Take Regular Breaks

Studying can be stressful.

You’ve got exams to prepare for, or an essay to research and write, and a lecture to read up on, and so on. It’s never-ending. There’s too much to do and not enough time.

Taking a break might not seem like a sensible thing to do. But it’s crucial for effective studying. You’ll reach saturation point without them. Have you ever studied for hours only to realize you can’t remember anything you’ve been reading?!

Breaks give your brain a rest. That rest is crucial to successful studying.

4. Effective Time Management

Time management is a vital skill to perfect.

You’ll have to get good at it quickly at college! There are always multiple things competing for your time. Studying can fall by the wayside when sports, social events, and part-time jobs get in the way.

Be sure to schedule time in your day for studies. Do it ahead of time. Pencil it into your diary and stick to it.

5. Find a Study Space

Find a place you enjoy studying.

It should be right for you, and you alone. Some people need total silence. Others prefer a little noise and hustle around. Some people want to be alone. Others need to study in groups. You might want a bit of both. Find an environment that allows you to study effectively.

Time to Get Studying

There you have it: 5 study tips for college success in your freshman year.

College is expensive. But the rewards of attending can often pay for themselves as you enter working life. Likewise, it isn’t all about the money. The experience of going to college is valuable in all sorts of ways.

That said, you need to make the most of it. And studying is a crucial component of making your time there a success.

Hopefully, the tips above will help with your freshman year study time!

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