The Technologies that Roulette Casinos are Using


Online casinos are instead a new type of gambling. Unlike traditional roulette casinos, it’s all happening from the comfort of your home. Live casinos (roulette casinos including) are winning more and more fans as we speak and there’s a critical gaming industry behind it.

Why is this type of gambling so exciting?

Regardless of what one may think, the online roulette casinos are running in real time, and everyone in the game can be part of the game using a console on their computer. If you’re an entry-level gambler, there’s always someone online for live assistance to give you a clue.

The physical transactions that the dealer makes are put into data that the software is using later on. For more accuracy, we need to highlight that it’s the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) that does all the work. It allows the player to get in the game without making a difference between the live dealer casino or the brick or mortar one.

Even if this type of gambling has become very popular, it does involve a lot of technology and a significant number of people in the team. A live casino is going to need a cameraman, information technology manager, croupier and pit boss. The expenses for the team and technology is the main reason for which the live dealer casinos don’t provide many games. Most of the games are the basic ones: roulette, blackjack, baccarat.

Any live casino includes three rooms (at least): a live studio, the software room, and the analyst room. However, it all depends on the casino. Some casinos offer live games through their TV channel or your mobile phone.

What are the main elements of live roulette casinos?

Even if it looks simple to you, there’s a lot of Tech behind roulette casinos. Without any further ado, let’s see the main elements:


It goes without saying that cameras are fundamental for successfully playing roulette. Due to all the development within the video surveillance industry, we can now enjoy stable and small cameras for streaming the live feeds.

A roulette table is going to involve three separate cameras for the overview, right angles for the wheel and the table and one camera for the picture-in-picture display.


A respected casino is going to include wheels with built-in sensors whereas the casino software is going to match most manufacturers of casino configurations.

Game control unit

It’s an essential element for the live casino. Every table includes the Game Control Unit. It’s a small device (as big as a shoebox) that is capable of encoding the broadcasted video. The method is a real specialist that is going to supervise the dealer throughout the whole game. The GCU is mandatory for live games.


The monitor is going to display what the players online are seeing on their screen. When you don’t want to show on screen, you can sit in an alternative position. Many cameras come with “blind-spots.” The monitor plays an essential part for the dealer as it pushes him to act when he has to. It helps the dealer keep an eye on the bets that are put or the bets that are ready to close. The monitor gives the dealer the possibility to see which players are playing. Players and dealers can have live chats so that any problem is solved right away.


Dealers are making sure that the players don’t sense any difference between the online method and the regular casino games. He knows the rules by heart and technology makes it possible for the casino to monitor every single step through a smart card.

What about the optical camera recognition technology?

The Optical Camera Recognition is one of the technologies used today in live roulette casinos. It’s capable of recording all the small details happening in the gaming room, streaming it to the other players through the video link. The players are going to be able to place their bets using the console on the computer screen. In case they need help, they can ask the live chat operator.

This type of technology is turning any part of essential data in electronic format. The Optical Camera Recognition technology is going to catch all actions (the spinning of the wheel, the distribution of hands), which only creates the live feel of playing roulette that you can find in any regular casino.

What’s happening in live roulette?

Keep in mind that the stages of online games depend on the game you’re playing.

In the case of roulette, the dealer is going to be filmed, and the casino’s software is going to turn the images into a format that matches the live stream and the interactive interface of the players. The new data is going to be easy to access by all players in the game as the server is already sending it.

The players are going to make their bets, and the dealer may require more information. Once the bets of the players are placed, the software is going to announce the “No more bets.” The players are going to find out about it through the server as the betting buttons aren’t going to be active anymore.

The game continues with the dealer spinning the wheel. The cameras are going to capture the results of the spinning.

The players are going to find out the results within seconds, and everyone in the game is going to find out fast who won/lost.

Any player willing to stay in the game once again is going to have to go through the steps above for every single round.

Can you play live roulette from anywhere in the world?

You’re going to need to make an account in a live dealer casino, and you should do due diligence about it. Take a look at the country of the provider. When you don’t find any info on the location of the operator, the chances are it’s not a very safe one so you should look elsewhere. Most of the time though, it’s the regular land-based casinos that are streaming live.

The type of software that the casino is using is also essential as it’s going to provide the quality of the live stream. When it’s challenging to get in touch with the live chat operator, place your best or anything else, you shouldn’t trust that live casino that much.

You don’t need to be a know-it-all about the casino industry to make a wise decision. There aren’t many countries that provide live casinos, but the numbers are growing as we speak.

It’s good to know that many casinos that aren’t located in the US take players from all states. Even if you don’t find it highly generous, it’s good to know that the live casino market is continually expanding.

Europe and Asia are the main areas providing live dealer casinos. Remember that the country authorities have established limits for the remote gambling activities and many live dealer casinos in Europe welcome players from Asia. If Macau, Singapore and the Philippines fight for the 1st place in Asia, it’s Spain, Malta, Latvia, Isle of Man, Ireland and the UK that lead the casino operations within Europe.