The Top Five California Cities for Food Lovers

Regardless of if you plan on just visiting California or making it your lifetime home, you will be pleased with the amazing array of food and drink options in this diverse state. The Golden State is flush with an abundance of dining offerings that make it an attractive option for foodies looking to indulge their taste buds. Here are five of the best California cities for foodies.


A city as hip as San Francisco is sure to be a haven for foodies looking to sample some of the latest culinary trends. Start your tour in Chinatown for some authentic dim sum and then head to the Mission District for mouth-watering burritos. From local Dungeness crab to oysters to clam chowder in a Boudin’s sourdough bread bowl, seafood lovers will rejoice in all of the offerings. The city and its environs are also home to a staggering amount of Michelin-rated restaurants. A focus on sustainable farming practices makes it easy to find a variety of responsibly sourced food.


Just down the road from San Francisco, you will find the city of San Jose. While San Jose is often overlooked in favor of its Bay Area counterpart, this city has its own distinctive foodie flair that should not be ignored. A vibrant food festival scene means that there is always something going on in San Jose. The Santana Row commercial district features a wide array of dining destinations that are sure to please any palate. If you plan on making San Jose your home, be sure to check out the myriad of moving services provided by the Suddath San Jose local movers.


There is no single way to define the food scene in Los Angeles. From some of the nation’s most opulent restaurants to taco trucks serving up local favorites, you will find everything in Los Angeles. Health enthusiasts will appreciate the wide availability of nutritious options such as acai bowls and fresh sushi while others will enjoy noshing on Roscoe’s famous chicken and waffles.


Leading the way with the most breweries and wineries per capita, it is no surprise that San Diego is a foodie paradise. San Diego reigns supreme when it comes to fish tacos, tableside guacamole, carne asada fries, and the famous California burrito. The coastal city also offers a host of fresh seafood offerings. Life does not get much better than sitting out by water in the sunshine in San Diego eating a fish taco paired with a local brew.


It is hard to pick just one Sonoma County dining destination, but Healdsburg deserves consideration for being tops on the list. While the area is primarily known for its wine tasting, everyone knows that fine food goes hand in hand with great wine. Historic Healdsburg Plaza features a cornucopia of award-winning restaurants and bakeries. Local favorites include the Costeaux French Bakery, serving all-breakfast, sandwiches, and decadent desserts. Or try Barndiva with its rustic yet upscale setting featuring farm to table food that harnesses the freshest flavors of the rich agricultural region.