The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Best Call Centre Software

Call centers function on the foundation of making and receiving calls to handle inquiries and complaints from customers or prospects. They are the key to establish business relations, help to track performance and management by converting every lead into a satisfied customer.

Understanding the importance of call centers tells us about the significance of a channel of communication. It also helps us recognize the need to have a fluid system that can combine calls, emails, chats, and other channels seamlessly for building substantial customer relationships. Therefore, it is paramount that you use the best call center software.

It is, however, essential for every enterprise, to have a cloud-hosted enterprise level phone system service, which in simple terms is ideal for their every need. These systems string together multiple locations through a single point that records and maintains all your logs and related information without any hardware or installations.

The plethora of available options are often confusing while picking out the best option in accordance with your call center needs, and all you need is a checklist to pick out the best possible option for you. For your convenience, here is a list of some of the best call center software providers today:

1.    Five9

Five9 is known for its ability to manage multitudes of incoming emails and customer queries through 24/7 worldwide support. Trusted by multinationals, Five9 has customers across the globe. Primary features that stand out include their multi-channel support system with SLA, effective reporting, comprehensive dashboards and installations based on Microsoft SQL.

Users rate and review the product highly, claiming it to be easily navigable and extremely user-friendly without any glaring cons so far.

2.    8×8

If you are looking for the perfect software to simplify everyday business through a simple platform, 8×8 is the solution for you!

Bringing together a call center, live chatting, chatbots and a help desk to create meaningful and productive relationships with customers over various channels, 8×8 is a pioneer in speech-enabled IVR for the VoIP phone systems. Dealing with numerous industries simultaneously, 8×8 is making themselves a force to reckon with, in the industry.

Listed as a favourite for numerous e-commerce websites, customers review 8×8 highly for its features and functionality. The cons of this service range from confusing terminology to extensive technicalities, all of which can be overcome through experience and use of the software.

3.    CallHippo

Talk about the best call centre software, and we have the finest for you. Built with state of the art features, CallHippo and its use of VoIP phone systems is everything you are looking for in a cloud call center system. Perfect for inbound and outbound call centers, CallHippo is the ideal amalgamation of 3rd party applications and the previously mentioned VoIP phone systems for fluid functioning.

Compatible in all environments, the system though filled with technicalities has no glitches and absolute data transparency. Definitely, one that has been highly recommended time and again.

4.    Freshcaller

Built specially for small-mid-sized enterprises, Freshcaller is an easy to use cloud-based call center solution that is low in maintenance and easy to operate. Recognized for its proficient IVR, voice-mail and other provisions such as toll-free numbers in more than 40 countries.

Allowing supervision in real-time, customers review Freshcaller as new, easy to use and easier to operate. There are a few negative feedback however that the company took into consideration to rectify immediately.

5.    Talkdesk

Known to elevate the process of operations in organizations, the system uses an enterprise level phone system integrated with the CPaaS to use extended API’s. Their extensive plug-ins are highly recommended which provides smooth functioning of efficient customer service operations. Marked as a “visionary” by Gartner, Talkdesk is trusted by names around the globe, including IBM, Dropbox, Zumies, etc.

The configuration and rectification of errors in the enterprise level phone system are highly appreciated by those using the software as it allows them to focus on customers without having to compromise on their needs.

So, that’s it for the best call center software. However, CallHippo is the best option for you to choose; this platform will give you a clear idea of what a best software can provide for your cloud call center software systems.