tips to consider before moving abroad

Top Tips to Consider before moving Abroad

tips to consider before moving abroad

Yes, it is finally happening. After months and years of hard work, perseverance, dedication, and patience, you have finally bagged an opportunity to live abroad and get set for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Once you are done sharing this big news with everyone in your contact list, your friends, and family members, the nervousness will begin creeping in. Of course, the prospect of packing your stuff, and moving across the world, seem thrilling, but the entire experience can be outright overwhelming and complicated at the same time.

However, if you start planning well in advance, you’ll notice that all of this is very manageable. So, to help you go through this process, we have come up with a few steps and tips which will come handy for every future ex-pat. Now, let us get started and take a look at these tips.

Save as much money as possible

Just moving or vacationing across the country is expensive. So, just imagine how pricey it would be to move to a completely new country. The expense of moving abroad would include costs such as international shipments, visa applications, housing, plane tickets, and emergencies. Mathew, who offers online do my homework services, says that when you move abroad, you must have a net-saving that would last you at least 6 months. In addition to this, you should also research a couple of things like the cost of living in the new country, exchange rate, and other necessary monthly expenses. Further, you should also be prepared for a few unanticipated costs, especially in the first few months.

Apply for a passport renewal

Before getting a visa, you must hold a valid passport. There are a few countries that would require holding a passport for at least six months beyond your date of travel. In case your return date is not decided, and your passport expires while you are abroad, you can renew your passport at the local embassy or consulate-general.

Apply for a Visa

Firstly, you need to check the official website of the government of the country you are moving to, to know all the documentation that you need. The type of documents needed would depend on the type of visa that you are applying for. For instance, if you need a student visa in the United Kingdom, you’ll only have to provide for a copy of the offer letter from your university as well as the proof showcasing that you have substantial money to support yourself during the period of your study. You’ll also need to submit your biometrics, such as your fingerprints and photograph.

Plan for healthcare

When you move abroad, you’ll encounter the health care system there. So, before start living abroad, you should check if your health care professional covers you while you stay there. You can ask your health care professional for your medical records, as well as all the immunization that you need for living abroad. Further, check if your prescription medications are allowed in the country, and if so, whether they are accessible or not. In case they aren’t accessible, you should carry enough supplies with you for your trip. You should also check whether or not the country funds your health care, or you are required to pay for it yourself.

Register with the Smart Traveller Enrolment Program (STEP)

Brian, who offers online research paper for salesays that before moving, you need to enroll with the STEP. It will help you be updated with the safety conditions of the new country. This enrolment will particularly be helpful in case of an emergency, like a family emergency or a natural disaster.

Do the research work

Even if you are relatively familiar with the country that you are moving to, you’ll have to do a lot of research work. It is necessary to help you plan your big switch and ease the transition process of moving into a new home. Some important things that you need to research about include:

  • Selling Vs. Shipping Vs. Storage – Do you wish to ship your assets and furniture to your new home, or do you want to sell them? You can even store them in your home country. Weigh in the cost and logistics of each of these three options, and see which of them is most feasible. If you are making a permanent move, you can sell off your belongings. However, if it isn’t feasible to ship your belongings, you will have to work your options to know where you can purchase these items – utensils, furniture, kitchen appliances, and bedding.
  • Culture – Culture of this country would be different from your home country. So, be aware of the religious and cultural values before making a switch.
  • Transportation – Learn about the applicable traffic rules, available transportation alternatives, and annual or monthly passes, to ensure that you can safely move around the country.

So, these are a few important tips that you need to consider before moving abroad.