Top 3 Online Tools that you can use to Edit and Organize your PDFs for Free


PDF files are used in different settings. In school, businesses, and government organizations. It is preferred when submitting an online job application, creating online brochures, and confidential business documents for an environmentally-friendly choice. You can also sign PDF files electronically. You saved on paper, and you don’t need to meet with your client physically. To create a PDF file, you need an online conversion tool.

How to Create a PDF File

To create a PDF file, such as to convert word to PDF online. In your internet browser, upload the word document you want to save as a PDF. The online converter will convert your file. You only need to wait, and your files will be ready for download.

Excel files, PowerPoint, and images can also be converted to PDF. Online tools make the job easier. It helps you save time, especially if you need to catch the deadline. Various online converters are available. Here are the top free PDF converters you can use. Enjoy their features without shelling out a dollar.

Top 3 Free Online PDF Converters


GogoPDF is the best online suite for your PDF files. Other than converting different file formats to PDF, it can also merge, split, and compress your files. GogoPDF offers more than 20 functions that you can perform with your documents. It specializes in documents of large sizes. The website has an intuitive interface. All the tasks have simple steps to follow. You can also contact them if other file formats you want to convert to PDF, especially if it is not available anywhere else. They are open to suggestions and continue to improve their services. Customer satisfaction is their top priority; they have superb customer service.


PDFBear offers high-quality services for your PDF needs. It is available online, which means it is easily accessible. After converting your files, they offer cloud services where you can store your file for some time. The files in their cloud servers can be accessed by the people you shared the file location through a link. They are particular in protecting your files. When your done editing your files, make sure to save a copy since PDFBear will delete it after an hour. However, if you choose to share the file online, others can access it for 14 days. Files are also encrypted by 256-BIT SSL security.

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe is the creator of the PDF. They have an available online converter that offers a 7-day free trial. You only need to create an account; an email address is necessary. They also offer services like compressing, editing, and reordering your PDF files.

Why Choose PDF Over Other Formats

Other than PDF, there are also other document types that you can use. PDF is far more superior. Compared to Word, PDF is more accessible. You don’t need to have an office software application. You can also protect your files easily. Through online tools, you may set a password for your file. With a PDF file, your document retains its authenticity and integrity no matter how many times you copy it to another device.

When you share images online, it is easy to send if compiled in a PDF file. It has a smaller size compared to sending the pictures individually. If you are sending reports in an excel file, the data and formula may be altered. There are also excel functions that are exclusively available in one type of office software. If the receiver does not have the same software, they won’t be able to retrieve the file correctly. However, you don’t have to worry about this kind of issue if you are using a PDF.

In Conclusion

In today’s time, basic knowledge about computers is a must. Everything around us works with computer programs and software. Every day, offices work with soft copies of files. Sharing, sending, and presenting using soft copy encompasses office jobs. Thus, if you want your documents to be accessible, formal, and easy to share, use the PDF format. When you want to make, revisions use an online converter. It is fast, easy, and is mostly free. Each of these online PDF converters has its unique characteristics. They specialize in different features.