Top 5 Apps for Entertainment

Everyone needs entertainment and it is becoming hard to find ways to entertain ourselves because of the busy life schedules. Smartphones are a huge part of our lives, giving us everything we need to see, know, learn and entertain. Entertainment is necessary for refuelling ourselves with energy and good vibes. In this article, we’ll share top 5 apps for entertainment. You can use these apps to enjoy and rejoice during little chunks of free time you get between meetings or while travelling.



Netflix is the most popular on-demand streaming service. It has a huge library of TV Shows and Movies which updates every month. Netflix is available for Android, iOS and it has a self-hosted Web App too. Although the app on the App Store and Play store is free to download, you need to subscribe to a monthly subscription for accessing the service. Good news is if you are reading this then you probably are a new user and Netflix offers a free trial for the first month.


Who does not love listening to music, it is probably the most consumed source of entertainment. Spotify is an on-demand music streaming service with arguably the biggest library with over 50+ million tracks. It is free to download on both Android and iOS. You can listen to your favourite genre of music in a limited environment. For full access, you can get Spotify premium subscription. Full access allows you to store the music tracks for offline listening and many other features which definitely makes it worth it. If you are a new user you can try Spotify without any limitations for the first month for free.


TED is for those who feel watching movies or TV shows is a waste of time. TED provides a collection of videos which are filled with knowledge and inspiration. It features talks from successful people, leaders, philosophers and so on. TED has videos on almost every topic you want to get inspired or motivated on, from life essence to business management, everything. If this is the kind of entertainment you want then get the app for free from Play Store or App Store now.

Zynga Poker

We are talking about entertainment apps then how can we not mention a game. It is the best Poker game available on the market and you can win actual money off it without spending a single dollar. It is free to play on Android and iOS. You get initial free chips to play a few games with added bonuses and daily rewards. You can later add money from your pocket if you wish to play in high-level tables with the pros. All over it is an entertaining game with a lot of fun factors. You can also try other similar types of games or visit an actual online casino. You can look for good casinos at Casinobillions, where there are all types of games for old players and those who are new to the genre.


Anime lovers rejoice, this app is always in top 10 trending in entertainment category that’s why I’ve to included it. Crunchyroll is a one-stop hub for thousands of Anime shows. It is an on-demand Anime streaming service. It is free for Android and iOS but serves annoying ads, but the quality of videos and early releases outweighs it. It has every episode of some of the best Animes ever like Dragon Ball, Naruto, etc. It is definitely a great entertainment source for millions of Anime fans out there.


If for some reason you cannot download these apps, may be due to less storage or your smartphone does not support the one you want, then you can always go online. 123movies is a great website which provides free streaming of Movies and TV Shows. 123movies has a huge library which will always keep you entertained.

Word of Caution: It is always recommended to entertain yourself and even entertain others, but keep in mind there are other ways of entertainment besides staring at your smartphone.

So that was my list of Top 5 Entertainment Apps, I personally use all of them from time to time and probably can’t survive without some of them. Tell us which one you use the most frequently and what other apps do you recommend in the comments below.