Top 5 Reasons to Apply to College


Your senior year of high school is supposed to be some of the best times of your life. Between being the head of the school, having senior prom, and enjoying those Friday night football games, there’s a lot to look forward to about that season of life. There is also a lot of pressure to decide what you want your future to look like.

High school seniors have a number of options for their next steps after graduation. Many may consider going through with a college application. While this isn’t the perfect path for everyone, there are a lot of benefits to going through the college admissions process. Depending on the career you want and the life you want to build, you’ll definitely want to consider going away to college. Here are some reasons why we believe you should go through with the college application process.

1. College may be a necessary step for your desired career.

There are literally thousands of careers out there, some require a college education and some do not. Start by narrowing down what you want your future to look like. If you’re interested in a career that requires higher education, then college is the logical next step for you. Start exploring top colleges for your desired major and work hard on your application process every step of the way so you can start your future off on a good foot.

2. Your university will help you network with current professionals.

Getting a job in the real world can sometimes be a tricky task. It ends up being all about who you know and less about your actual skills. Networking is a hugely important step for your future career and college can set you up nicely for that. When you go away to school, you’ll meet professors, mentors, and guest speakers that can help connect you with future job opportunities. This can be in any number of fields.

For example, Zach Mottl with Atlas Tool Works is a leader in the company. He has worked with many different industry boards and associations. Someone like this got where he is today by creating meaningful relationships with other individuals in his industry. Stand out from the competition by getting to know these important business owners and mentors during your degree program.

3. There are a ton of resources to help you with admission.

One reason to apply for colleges is that it’s never been easier. Most public schools have college admissions consultants and counselors who can help you make tough decisions and revamp your applications. You can also hire a private college application help service to walk you through the overall admissions process. Feel confident in your application, so you can get into your dream school.

4. Getting away from home can be good for your growth.

Typically, you’ll spend the first 18+ years of your life at home. If you’ve lived in the same place or same community your whole life, that’s all you’ve ever known. Moving away to college can be great for your growth and personal development. You’ll be faced with challenges and opportunities to step out of your comfort zone. This is a great way to realize your full potential and find new strengths.

5. A college degree will often help raise your income potential in the future.

While you can make a good living in a lot of professions, a college degree will typically give you a higher earning potential down the line. If you have a diploma, you’ll be able to climb the ladder a little easier and demand a higher salary. For people whose ultimate goal is financial security, college can be a good investment.