Top Reasons to Hire an EMR Consultant for Your Clinic

NextGen’s EMR solution has been embraced by many private practices looking to streamline operations, improve care, and be compliant with government healthcare reform guidelines. It has helped reduce the time physicians spend on paperwork and enhanced patient engagement, improving medical outcomes. There are numerous benefits to the financial side of medical practice as well.

You may have adopted EMR but are still grappling with inefficiencies in your recordkeeping or patient processing. Or you could be the victim of knowledge gaps left when trained staff go on leave or leave the practice altogether.

Outside Support

You don’t have to continue operating below NextGen EMR’s full capacity; there are consultants ready to empower you and your staff to help your practice achieve its full potential. When you engage these consultancies, they will provide training on the various facets of EMR. They will also provide technical support to iron out issues as they arise.

Furthermore, you will be able to take advantage of templates that enhance the system’s functionality and retrieve customized reports that give a more accurate picture of your practice’s efficiency. These are just a summary of the numerous benefits you stand to gain when you have an EMR consultant on board. We’ll go into more detail below on exactly what they can do for you, but for now, click here to learn more about NextGen EMR consulting services.

Consultants Will Onboard Staff the “Right” Way

The beauty of having a consultant handling the onboarding of your staff is that they will do it in a way that incorporates your current workflow and process design. In this way, it makes more sense to the trainee, ensuring that they grasp all aspects of usage more quickly. Your employees will be trained only on the system elements that apply to their current role, making the onboarding exercise efficient.

A Consulting Company Can Create Workflows that Work

Instead of merely applying technology to existing workflows, your NextGen EMR consultant will take a fresh look at your existing processes, analyze and redesign them to make them more efficient. They will begin by outlining your current workflows, both those that are documented and those that are not. Using their knowledge of NextGen EMR, the consultant will then create new workflows, incorporating tasks automated by the system.

You stand to glean numerous benefits from the redesign of your workstreams, including:

  • Faster and more accurate patient check-in and check-out.
  • More precise patient statements and a reduction in billing errors.
  • Better treatment outcomes.

You’ll Learn How to Simplify Billing

Billing is one of the most sensitive areas of medical practice, and your NextGen EMR consultant can help you optimize this process. Research has shown that inefficient billing is one of the most common complaints of healthcare customers—more than a third of customers complain of experiencing this frustration.

Optimized billing reduces the chances of errors and bill disputes by ensuring a smooth flow of patient data between your practice and payers. Therefore, you will be able to reduce the time it takes to submit a claim, get it assessed, and honored. You can reduce the possibility of a claim being rejected by verifying if the patient is covered for a particular treatment well before their appointment is due.

You’ll Receive Ongoing Technical Support

The usage of any software system will always raise challenges from technical failures or gaps in knowledge. When such arise, you will want to have someone well-versed with the system at hand to guide your staff around the said challenge. Round-the-clock support becomes even more critical to your practice when you introduce telehealth to extend medical assistance to patients who cannot physically get to your clinic.

To seamlessly extend telehealthcare, you need to ensure the quality of your video conferencing can allow transparent communication between physicians and patients.

Consulting Services Will Improve Patient Experience

With NextGen EMR consultants streamlining processes and making the entire treatment journey more efficient, your patients will be positively impacted. You won’t need to make your patients fill forms repeatedly or have to endure the embarrassment of apologizing for erroneous charges. They will be even happier when they have to spend less time waiting to be attended to.

Max out your EMR ROI

Bringing in NextGen EMR consultants will allow you to glean the most from your investment in your automated medical records system. Your staff will be happier to have less moving parts to keep tabs of and less paperwork. After benefiting from efficient service, your patients will desire to return, and recommend your practice to others.