Top Social Media Apps That You Can Download

Person Holding Iphone Showing Social Networks Folder

Millions of individuals are now into social media to connect to other people. Individuals are using social media accounts to look at other people’s personal and professional lives and how they are evolving and changing. It is also unforeseen that social media apps can upgrade our way of socializing and interacting with other individuals, and you can find their information easily through these apps.

Now, almost everything is just one press away, and we live in a world where you can access a lot of things through the internet. People can’t get their minds off from their devices every time, and these are the students, merchants, professionals, and a lot more. They share information, files, videos, or photos to other people that are useful and educational. So here are some of the top social media apps that you might want to download.


This app is one of the most popular social media apps in the world, with billions of active users every month. With Facebook, you can establish your Timeline and add people to your friend’s list so that you’ll get to connect with them. You can do many things with this app, like posting photos or videos, re-posting content, updating your status, watch videos and pictures, tagging people to posts, videos, and photographs, and a lot more.

Facebook also has a separate app for messaging, which is the messenger. With this app, you can also play games with other users. Facebook users are now sharing funny video clips or photos, which is called “Memes,” and it’s a trend today. You can also make use of this app for your business, and you can make a page or groups to show people your products. This app is indeed a useful app that we can download easily access.


The primary purpose of this app is to post photos so that other users can see it. With a billion monthly users, Instagram is famous for its purpose, and it’s an entertaining app to use. When you post a picture, you can put captions, hashtags, and geotags, which enable other people to view it even if they are not your followers. The people that are already connected to you are called followers.

Followers are the users that can easily view your post quickly because it will appear on their feed. You can also choose if you want to make your account public or private, which makes you choose who follows you. If you are in a beautiful place, and you take great pictures so that you can post it in one of your social media accounts, Instagram should be the perfect app.


Tumblr is a platform app for blogging and has only millions of users who are lower compared to Facebook and Instagram. It is also well known to users for how it works. It has the same features like Instagram and Pinterest, and mostly the content of this app is for visuals like GIFs, animations, pictures, and videos. The users can share blogs and articles with the format of text, audio, and dialogues. The contents are also entertaining that will make your free time worth it.


While there are many apps introduced every day in the market, people are more attached to social media apps, and that’s what they download more. Social media apps can be used in a lot of useful ways, like for everyday transactions, businesses, exchanging of information, communication, and more. The apps can make our daily lives more comfortable and accessible. And we should always take advantage of what is in front of us.