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Unbelievable Facts About Employer Branding

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More important than ever, having an employer branding strategy has become one of the top priorities of companies and organizations today. With an obvious shift in the paradigm, the transformation of digital technology made it crucial for employers to implement the right tools and strategies in order to establish their brand in the industry.

Building a More Powerful Employer Branding

Before deciding which tools and methods to implement in your company in order to achieve a stronger branding, make sure to consider these following facts about employer branding:

  • Candidates choose you, not the other way around. First of all, you need to understand that talents are looking for their ideal employers. If you want to increase your hiring rate, then make sure to offer what job seekers exactly need. This will also help you reduce recruitment costs while improving the employee experience.
  • With a strong employer brand, you reduce your hiring cost by 43 percent. Resources must be invested in building your brand as a reputable employer. It’s no longer important to implement paid advertisements for recruitment. All you need is a good employer brand to attract potential candidates.
  • Talents trust employees more than employers. A potential candidate looking to know more about your company will ask employees for information, not you. In fact, they give 300 percent trust to employees because they provide more honest feedback on their employer.
  • More candidates will apply if you have a good employer brand. According to research, 94 percent of applicants apply to a company that is able to manage their recruiting brand. The reason is that candidates believe their future employer will take care of them and their needs as employees.

Key Trends in Employer Branding

With the accessibility of social media platforms nowadays, 70 percent of recruiters are able to find successful candidates online. Therefore, you need to build a strong online presence in order to get your brand out there. After all, having a website for your company’s needs and recruitment process helps a lot in boosting your employer branding.

Getting active and creative about your recruitment methods can give your workforce a boost of confidence. Every day, the employment game is becoming a tough competition to handle. Therefore, if you don’t improve your employer branding, you will be left behind or worse, forgotten by your target candidates.

The key is making your employees happy so that the entire company will also be happy. So what are other unbelievable facts you know about employer branding?