Use These Search Engines Instead Of Google

Chances are that you use Google as a homepage or your main search engine. With trillions of search inquiries every year, it’s no doubt that Google is the most popular search engine of all time. But does it mean it’s safe if millions of people use it? You’d think so, but unfortunately, that’s not the case. Google is known for tracking location, curating ads based on search history, selling private data to third parties, and plenty of data breaches. Luckily, there are plenty of privacy-oriented alternatives to Google that you can use. These options work just as well when it comes to bringing you the results that you’re looking for.


WolframAlpha is an amazing privacy-oriented search engine that provides quick results. There are several reasons to use it instead of Google, but the main being it runs on a private server. When you use WolframAlpha, your sensitive data will be safe and it won’t keep track of your search history for any reason. If you’re wanting to use a search engine that utilizes the latest technology to bring you the best results, WolframAlpha is a great option.


Next, there is Hotbot. Hotbot is an awesome search engine that just about anyone will engine using. If you’re not wanting to leave Google behind completely, you’ll enjoy using Hotbot. It combines Google with three other popular search engines to bring you all the results you need in one place. It’s like using Google, but you’re safe from any potential data breach risks and other security issues that the popular search engine has. This is a quick way to get multiple options when it comes to top search inquiry results.


The third option that is a great alternative to Google is DuckDuckGo. When you first start using this search engine, you’ll enjoy how similar it is to Google when it comes to navigation. This is a privacy-oriented search engine that gives you quick results without tracking your location or putting you at risk from a hacker getting things like your credit card information or social security number. This is an amazing search engine alternative to Google and can be used by people with any technical skill level.


Swisscow is an alternative search engine that runs on a private server. If you have children, this is the privacy-oriented search engine for you. It’s easy to use and keeps your entire family safe. Kids don’t always realize what information they’re typing in and Swisscow prevents anything negative from happening from their search inquiries. You can rest assured knowing that Swisscow isn’t going to curate advertisements or know your IP address. Swisscow, like Google, runs ads on the search results page, but these ads are not based upon your search history or location.

The last search engine that you should use instead of Google is This is an awesome search engine that allows you to search for anything that you need. It’s similar to Google in a way that it brings search results, but you aren’t risking anything by using It’s safe and secure, bringing you fast information with just the click of a button. was established recently and already has an impressive number of users. Just because it’s newer, doesn’t make it any less secure than the other four options on this list. Because it’s designed similarly to Google, it’s easy for newcomers to use.