Uses Of WP Reset On A WordPress Website

Debugging is a very complex job even for trained professionals and engineers. It takes hardships to find and debug a single working bug on an active website. To help the developers and debuggers, a new WordPress plugin is introduced, which is named as WP Reset. This plugin just resets the default values in a WordPress website system to NULL and keeps all the files, folders and media intact. This plugin comes in handy while testing any website or a platform.

This plugin features many functionalities that we will list out for you. The developers of WP Reset plugin are on their way to introduce a new feature named “MultiSite Reset” which will be helpful in resetting multiple WordPress systems all at once. However, the developers have suggested to first test the feature on multiple subdomains before testing it out in the primary one.

There are various situations in which WP Reset can be used to set up the system according to the user’s will. Here, are the list of functionalities that WP Reset offers to its users.

Uses Of WP Reset On A WordPress Website


As discussed above, WP Reset is a resetting plugin that changes all the default values in a WordPress system to NULL without affecting the Files, folders and other media. It is completely safe to use because of the failsafe procedures developed by the engineers. It is a very fast plugin because it can reset all the default values to NULL in less than a minute. Debuggers and on-site engineers find the WP Reset plugin useful because of its features and efficiency.

What happens when a user resets his WordPress System using WP Reset plugin

  1. When a user resets his values to NULL using WP Reset plugin, all the comments, posts, media entries, clients, and custom posts are reset to default, that is, all are deleted.
  2. The custom WordPress database tables created by the user are deleted without any backup.
  3. If you combine the use of WP Reset and, All the default WordPress data tables are also reset to default.

What does not happen when a user resets his WordPress System using WP Reset plugin

  1. The media files and folders uploaded by the user are kept intact under the “wp-uploads” section. However, the media files are folder will not be shown under the Media section in the WordPress user dashboard.
  2. The themes, plugins and media files will remain unaffected and untouched.
  3. The site titles, WordPress admin panel URL, site address, site settings and search visibility settings will remain intact.
  4. The user settings will be restored but the current password and username will be the same after resetting with WP Reset plugin.


Keep in mind the following points before using WP Reset otherwise you can end up in a big problem.

  1. This is a non-reversible process, that means once you click on Reset, you can not undo it.
  2. All the settings mentioned above will be reset.
  3. All the custom files and folders will remain unaffected as mentioned above.
  4. User will be logged out and WP Reset plugin will be deactivated. However, there is an option to reactivate the plugin under the Plugins Menu.