3 Vehicles Tech Trends That Are Taking Over Today's Auto Industry

3 Vehicles Tech Trends That Are Taking Over Today’s Auto Industry

3 Vehicles Tech Trends That Are Taking Over Today's Auto Industry

Around 76 percent of businesses today are investing in emerging digital technology, according to Gartner. This includes companies in the automotive industry that are now giving their vehicles a digital transformation to meet their consumers’ needs. Thanks to the growing Internet of Things as well as mobile technology, we are seeing more car innovations that can help change our driving experience in the future. Connectivity is still the ongoing vibe for this year’s car industry, especially with these digital techs that we can soon use.

Model Cycling Becomes Shorter

Digital transformation in the automotive industry can lead to shorter model cycles for vehicles. This means that car companies will release new models every 1 to 2 years featuring the latest car tech innovation. Drivers may be prompted to switch cars every few years to upgrade the in-car technology that they have.  Reading reviews of vehicles can make it easier for car owners to determine whether it will be worth the change.

Staying Connected Is The New Norm

Consumers are into the connectivity experience, not just in their home and gadgets, but also in their vehicles. Cars are now being equipped with a WiFi connection, which will be a staple in future vehicles. This way, drivers and passengers will be able to customize their user experience based on their preferences, from listening to music to watching movies, and others. Children can also study or watch their favorite shows while on the road thanks to WiFi connectivity.

Predictive Maintenance For Safety

Cars these days are now capable of pulling numerous data on the vehicle and sending it to the cloud for processing. This way, drivers are alert on what potential issues may come up with their vehicles, from failing tail lights to faulty brakes, thinning tires and everything in between. Predictive maintenance has become a valuable car technology because of its ability to predict car failure with 90 percent accuracy.

Digital technology has certainly made life more convenient for us. And with car companies implementing them in their vehicles, it won’t be long before we can do more than just navigate our cars. It is possible that we will be able to do our shopping while inside our cars, have our favorite music played automatically, and even correct our posture too just to name a few.