Watch HD Movies Online with 123Movies

Whenever it comes to watching movies free of cost, 123Movies is one of the top websites available out there and there is no doubt in it. Also, most of us already know about this popular search engine for free movies. The website offers you both movies and popular tv shows and you can watch all of them free of cost.

Moreover, the best part of this website is that you will not need to create an account to watch movies. Simply head over to the website and start watching your favorite TV series or movies. And in return, the app display’s you a hell lot of ads.

However, one of the questions that many people have that if 123movies legal or not. Well, let me answer this question for you.

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Is 123Movies legal?

Recently Motion Picture Associations of America named 123 movies as one of the most popular illegal movie websites. The website gets more than 90 millions of visitors each month and it has affected movie makers and content creators out there.

And if you ask if 123movies legal or not. The simple answer would be NO. 123Movies is not legal at all. Like big organizations have already called the website illegal.

Also, If MPAA declares the site as illegal. Then browsing 123 Movies could get you into illegal issues. Even not just in the USA. But copyright authorities around the globe have strict rules which makes it unsafe for us to browse the website.

123Movies closing down?

Back in the past, there were certain times when it was claimed that the website would get closed. In fact, MPAA announced that they are teaming up with the Vietnamese authorities to take the website down. Since the Office of Police Investigation Agency C44 believed that the site is from Vietnam.

However, the main website might be gone by the time you are reading this article. But still, there are quite a lot of clone websites are still exists online. If you search for 123 movies you will get sites like 123Movies.la, 123movie.cc, 123 Movies Hub and so on.

And I personally feel that killing these pirated sites is not an easy job as it seems. Like there are many mirror websites are available online. So even one of the mirror site gets down, there are still hundreds of websites exists which lets you browse the website.

Is 123Movies Safe?

In the end, the question is 123movies safe or not. Well in simple words we would say it is not safe. Since different authorities are capable of tracking your online activities and bust you for participating in illegal activities in a way.

Also, apart from the illegal issues, the website is known to promote malware. So if you end up clicking on any ads or link then the website could easily inject malware on your device. And this is not something really considered to be safe. Hence it would be a good idea to try out some of the other streaming services available online.