Website Speed Matters – Don’t Let it Slow Down

As per research reports, more than 50 percent of us would not give it a second thought to switch to a faster loading but well-performing portal if our favorite websites failed to load in a good time. This applies to your business website as well. At all times, you’ve got to ensure that your server is loading and reacting with the desired speed. Are you still wondering why website load speed is so important? Are you perplexed about the difference that a split-second difference in loading speed would make to your targeted audience?


Would you wait for Amazon for a second more than you’re used to if it slowed down? The losses of Amazon and other online giants would go into billions in case they failed to match up with their current speed, ever! Well, this is true for you too. Any reduction in the loading speed of your portal will affect your search rankings, user experiences, conversions, and sales. Given the grave importance that the loading speed has on the success of your online business, you just cannot afford to let it go down. Here’s why.

Reasons for Increasing your Website Loading Time

1. It creates a good first impression

Psychologically, customers feel that fast-loading websites are reliable and professional; they relate this speed to trust, efficiency, and confidence. First impressions are extremely critical on the Internet as they can make or break your relationship with prospective customers from the word go. Blake Davis from says that one way to get Google to trust your company is to make sure your website has a quick loading speed. This trust filters down in the form of a good first impression in the minds of those visiting your website.

A good loading rate makes your readers, customers, and other website visitors create instantaneous judgments about your business. Fast loading serves to be a lucrative win for satisfactory user experiences and leaves your visitors happy to deal with you further.

2. Everyone expects speed!

The Internet has already set very high benchmarks when it comes to speed in context to the retrieval of information and performance of transactions. Fast loading times are therefore not only expected but demanded. It’s a fact that 40 percent of visitors will not hesitate to abandon your website in case it takes more than three seconds to load. A whopping 47 percent of visitors would expect that your website would load in no more than 2 seconds after their arrival. What about the loading speed of mobile websites? Well, 85 percent of internet users harbor the expectation that the websites they want to see should load as fast, or faster, than the time taken on their desktops.

The craving for fast results and quick answers have made it important for website owners to up their loading speed as far as possible. While high authority sites and search engine giants can get away with intermittent slow speeds, small and medium business owners fail to enjoy that luxury. So, its best to aim for quick loading speed right from the beginning.

3. Enhanced user experiences

With good UX design in place, you can expect to create simple yet fantastic experiences for the visitors coming to your website. The main thing to note in this regard is that you need to provide your prospects with what they may be looking for; and as quickly as possible. Given this, you cannot afford to miss out on fast loading speed when it comes to providing the best user experiences to the stakeholders important for your business success. Remember, slow websites can be cumbersome and frustrating; so, avoid reducing your loading speed at all costs.

4. Increased conversions with fast-loading websites

When you manage to drive away visitors with a slow loading site, in effect, you are driving away sales and profits. As per a study conducted by Amazon, the Company stands to lose $1.6 billion annually even if it happens to get slow by a mere one second. When this holds true for a highly-recognized and established company like Amazon, what are your chances as an SME or startup?

Give up on Slow Speed Websites

Having a website with fast loading speed would lead to an immediate escalation in the number of your visitors. This will incur long term effects on the profitability of your business as well. Your natural growth will be fueled and you can expect to get more conversions and increased ROI with each passing day. To attain this end and more, you may want to connect to a professional digital marketing company. The experts linked with the company will help your website get the speed it deserves, maybe more!