What are the Multiplier Slots?


Multiplier slots are some of the online casino’s most common slot machines. Today casino enthusiasts can select from a range of slots to play for real money online. Multiplier slots make up more than half of these machines. The great part is how multiplier slot machines carry additional playing rounds, free spins, bonus games, and more.

As the name suggests, multipliers are special features that can multiply awarded winnings by a fixed figure in slot machines. While they are pretty common, not all slots possess them.

This aims primarily at doubling, tripling, or even raising your wins by 100X and 1000X. Moreover, some may have simple rules for operating, while others may be a little more complicated. Some multipliers can only be found in the regular game, while others are only born during bonus games or free games.

Some of these icons will only multiply your rewards, whereas others count towards your line wagers and total wagers. Each game provides its information regarding the use of these icons; therefore, it is essential to note the type based on the slot game you are playing.

Types of multipliers

Multiplier slots come with various kinds of multipliers.

Base play

Multipliers during the base play, rather than during a bonus feature are not that common. But that doesn’t mean that there are no slots with base play multipliers; many slots have them. However, specific versions of base play can only multiply the winning payline value. If you have 5 cars, for instance, as well as a 2X multiplier on a line, the net reward on a 5 cars payline is 2X.

Free Spins

Free spins multipliers are far more prevalent than those contained in base games. Most Slot developers need free spins to feel different than base play, and several have done so with multipliers. Many developers chose to use symbols that differ from those used in base play.

The beauty is that some slots might ask you to pick your multiplier from hidden icons. This gives you the ability to get very big prizes and gives the player a sense of engagement with the slot and the result of the game. Free spins multipliers generally increase every win in free spin features by a certain amount (e.g., 2X, 10X, etc.)

Multiplier’s Wild Side

Finding a wild icon that doubles as a multiplier are not uncommon. Let’s say that the cars are wild in a specific slot game, and you have 2 out of 3 aircraft you need to make a winning payline. As the car is wild, any sign on the line will therefore be substituted as a winning combination. Furthermore, if it is a wild multiplier (with a 3x attachment), then the line will also gain 3X times, so the sum of 3 Aircraft in an active pay line is 3X. This ensures that you get 3X of that value.

Scattered Multipliers

Some slots have to scatter symbols that often act as multipliers. In these slots, the scatter must not be on a line as it is necessary to make it appear anywhere on the frame. In our instance above, only 3 aircraft and a scatter symbol on any other line are needed to activate the function. Also, a slot with wilds and scatter as multipliers may be found. However, some would only have it in Bonus or Free Games.

Wins Vs. Bet Multipliers

It is helpful to clarify if your assigned multiplier will carry over to your earnings or just the bet money placed on the spin.

Occasionally your earnings are smaller than your wager, and you’ll see how either way might be rewarding, based on your bet and the earnings in question.

Multiplier slots are very fun to play if you are lucky. However, it is quite smart to search for good gambling sites where such slots are available. As an extra tip, players must always seek to understand what kind of multiplier they will be dealing with before they spin the reels of their chosen multiplier slot.