What Can Interfere with a Cell Signal?


We spend much of our lives on the phone, whether we’re working and calling clients, staying in touch with personal connections, or finding entertainment through social media apps. These mobile devices are simply always there at our fingertips to enable us to get it all done. Many of us couldn’t even imagine getting through a day without texting, calling, and chatting. If there’s a problem with the cell signal, it will be noticed.

Maybe you’re trying to log on social media first thing in the morning but the signal just isn’t good enough to get you online. Or you might be trying to have an important phone conversation with only a million interruptions and attempts to figure out what is being said. If your cell signal is struggling both day and night, you need to take a look at what might be getting in its way. Many obstacles can interfere.

Physical Obstacles

Cell signals can pass through walls and other objects, but they don’t do so without any difficulty whatsoever. In fact, physical obstacles are the most common culprit of signal interference. The buildings that we live and work in aren’t really built to amplify our signal strength. They are meant to keep out the elements and, in doing so, they may be keeping out the cell signal. If you’re surrounded by metal, concrete, or brick, it should be no surprise that you’re getting dropped calls and spotty signals. Your home itself may be keeping that call from happening, with even a wooden door or glass window having the potential to affect your signal.

You can’t really change how your house has been constructed just to help out your cell signal. With a problem like this, it can seem like your only option is to accept defeat and go outside. However, there are ways to get around having to take all your calls in the yard. With the help of technology, you can get the boost you need to make calls in the home without issue.

Distance from Cell Tower

It seems pretty obvious that the distance from the nearest cell tower will play some part in the strength of your signal. Even without anything blocking the path, a cell signal can only travel so far. Most people don’t have to worry too much about their distance, but if you live in a more rural area, your closest tower may not be close at all. In addition, you can be right next to the tower and have the signal fly right past you.

Your options in these cases are pretty limited. Besides moving into a new home, how can you ensure less distance? You may simply have to find a way to make the distance simply less of an issue.

Electronic Barriers

Another area you may need to watch out for is electronics in the surroundings. The cell tower isn’t the only thing around that puts out signals, and some of those other signals can interfere with that of your phone. This isn’t usually too much of an issue, but if you are in an area with a lot of signal creators (Bluetooth, radios, baby monitors, etc.), you might notice some interference.

These devices shouldn’t pose too much of an issue for you, but they may still need to be considered. As long as that cell signal is strong enough to outcompete all the rest, you’ll have nothing to worry about here.

Nature Itself

You certainly shouldn’t expect to get away from it all with an escape to the great outdoors to bring you a clearer signal. While walls and other materials that surround you when you’re inside can block the signal and electronics may get in the way as well, you may encounter just as many issues when out in nature. You might blame this on an outdoor excursion putting you farther away from the tower, but nature poses a threat to signal even without the assistance of distance.

A mountain, forest, or crop field can be just as much of a physical barrier as those constructed by human hands. Even water, whether in the form of a lake, the ocean, or snow, can reduce your signal. Weather, from water in the form of rain and the heavy cloud cover that accompanies to full thunderstorms complete with lightning and wind, is not often friendly to cell signals. These interferences are not easy to escape. Nature is completely out of our control, so how could we possibly control its impact on cell signal?

Breaking Past the Interferences for Clear Cell Phone Signal

You can always try to find ways around the many obstacles that interfere with cell signals. It wouldn’t be the first time that someone has roamed around, stepping on top of furniture as they strain for that better signal. Getting around what’s in the way should help after all. But it’s not really a good permanent solution, is it?

The good news is that there are better ways. The technology exists that truly can effectively take down obstacles in the way of a strong cell signal. With a cell phone signal booster, you won’t have to worry about interferences with your phone use again.