What if Tech Revolution Never Happened?

technology in human life

The population of the world is increasing day by day and it really is difficult for the Governments of each country to provide them food and jobs but they are trying their level best to overcome this poverty.

The main aim of discussing the above line was today’s topic which is “What if tech revolution would never Happen”. Well, if the tech revolution would never happen, we would have stuck to some 1820’s technological, industrial, social and economical thereabouts. The science or technology would have only improved occasionally but no field would be able to compete with the field today.

Let’s talk about some of the probabilities if the tech revolution never happened.

Agriculture Department

The revolution in agriculture would not exist then 50% of the world’s population would be involved in agriculture, cultivation and other agriculture-related things. And due to lower food outputs and intense work at farms/cultivations, the population of earth would only be shirked to 1 billion. But nowadays technology has put the Agriculture Department so far that once a person can craft for thousands of people.

Warfare Department

Talks about nuclear wars and large-scale warfare would be less common than it is now and the wars would be less destructive and less deadly as well. We’d still be fighting with old weapons like Canons, Muzzles and other weapons which were used in 1820s or before because to get the latest technology, we must have had I.R to happen.

Electronics Department

People would have used the same old methods of talking with each other, sending letters and meeting them physically. There would be no internet and no Digital Circuits, Microprocessors, Computers, Microwave ovens etc.

Power Department

The main and most important thing that we are enjoying these days is the availability of power (electricity) which is the backbone of revolution these days would never exist if the tech revolution never happened. All the engines and machines would be of House Sizes because of no modifications have performed on them. There would be no generators and motors which are normally available in 2019.

Medical Department

Medical Department would have been to the level of 1950s where there were no machines and medicine availability would not be the same as it is now. People would love to go for Herbal Solution for every one of their problems in-short “Naturopathy” to solve their problems. And if you look at the medical department today, then there’s no disease on earth that can’t be cure through the medical treatment. That’s how far we have walked through in the medical department with the help of technology.

Transportation Department

If the tech revolution never happened, you’d have never heard of bullet trains, orange trains, metro trains and other latest transportations which provide assistance to half of the world. Transportation would be done through horses, donkeys, and ships to reach your desired location.

Communication Department

Communication would have been much slower than it is now because you can send a message to anyone within seconds nowadays and that would not be the case if we talk about 1820s or prior to that. There would be no telephone, telegraph, or radio and the only source of sending a message to someone would be letters. If you want to know more about innovations in this industry then we would recommend you to read about Bitcoin on

Environmental Department

The last topic is Environmental Department but not the least, but one thing you would have admired about the environment of 1800’s or previous time that there were no pollution and environmental changes which we are facing this day due to pollution. Pollution is caused by fuel consumptions, plastics, cutting of trees and many other factors are involved in these changes. Pollution at that time would be 10 times lesser than it is now and climate changes would never happen.