What Is Average WPM & Know Your Typing Speed?

Schools, colleges, offices, and even social media have one thing in common and that is “TEXT”. From school assignments to college projects and from office files to doing legal work there is need of typing. You need some content in order to say something to someone and in this digital era when everything is getting online, having good typing skills can help you in many ways. Hundreds of companies ask you to mention your WPM in the resume which basically means your average words per minute typing speed. You need to have high WPM whether you are typing in English or using any tool like English to Hindi online typing to type in Hindi.

It helps the person to understand how capable you are when it comes to accurate typing. It’s not always about the accuracy but sometimes about the speed too. News reporters are required to have fast typing speed so they can note down the things that are being said vocally. School and college students with that have average words per minute reading might need to concentrate on typing skills too. You can do a freelancer job and earn a decent amount by just doing the writing and translation work online.

So regardless of the purpose, you should have good typing speed so you can cope up with the world more. That is why we thought to dedicate a post to the Words Per Minute Typing Test along with some tips to improve your typing for free. Here in this post, we are going to tell you about some of the best typing speed test websites along with some ways to take typing speed online test 2019.

Do You Know? – Currently a man named Barbara Blackburn is the World’s Fastest Typist with a peak typing speed of 212 WPM (words per minute).

What Is Average WPM?

Average Typing Speed depends on the type of text or language you are typing. While the number varies from 40 to 90, some professionals can go up to 100 words per minute. Below you can find average typing speed of various categories:

  1. Average Typing Speed (regular user) – 35-40 Words Per Minute
  2. Average Typing Speed (professional) – 80-85 Words Per Minute
  3. Fastest Typing Speed (word record) – 212 Words Per Minute
  4. Average Typing Speed (male) – 44 Words Per Minute
  5. Average Typing Speed (female) – 37 Words Per Minute
  6. Numeric Typing Speed (average) – 9000 Keystrokes Per Hour

How To Type Faster?

Developed typing skills can be really helpful to anyone and do you know that people who type faster than 41 WPM (average typing speed) train themselves 3 times as much as those who type slower than that. So, regardless of age and profession, you should spend some time practicing typing. Below we have mentioned some key points which you can consider to improve your typing speed and accuracy.

Sitting Posture For Typing

Keeping your back straight is the best sitting posture for typing. You need to keep your elbows at a right angle with a distance of 45 – 70 cm between the face and the screen. Do not put pressure on your arms or wrist, it will affect your writing and can cause pain. This is one of the best typing tips for beginners.


Use Colour Keyboard

A color-coded keyboard is basically a keyboard with keys in a different color to understand the typing better. You can do keyboard typing practice using this keyboard. Always remember that you should return to the default position of your fingers, which is ASDF – JKL. Using the thumb to press space bar can give more room to the fingers for the keys.


Free Typing Test Online: Typing Speed Test Online Free

The Typing Cat

If you are looking for an advanced typing test website, then this website is for you. When you will visit the website it will display a text to type along with a virtual keyboard and the finger you must use to type the highlighted alphabet. It runs a 60-second test and then displays your result with different factors.

Best Typing Test Games: Learn Typing While Playing

Type Racer

Type Racer is one of our favorite websites to take an online typing test in English. This website uses cars to train you with new words while letting you play an interesting game. This website makes learning typing fun and you can also compete with your friends by inviting them to the game. A list of users with high score get displayed on the home screen, which gets updated every minute. So get a chance to improve your typing skills while racing against other players in Type Racer website.

Android: Words Per Minute Typing Test Apps

Typing Speed Test

It is one of the most popular and widely used words per minute typing test app right now. You can select among hard, medium and easy typing to practice typing online for free. This app is available in many languages, so you can use it to improve the typing of every language. Once you’ve taken the test, a detailed result will be displayed with information like character count, accuracy, correct words, wrong words and many more.

Typing Master

Last by not the least, Typing Master is a must have real typing game on Android. If you are looking for websites or apps to do touch typing speed test, then this app is for you. It supports almost all type of keyboards and gives unique words to spell out so you can also improve your vocabulary along with typing speed. You can set your own music in this app to be played while you do your typing.

Final Words

Having good typing speed is a basic need these days. You can do freelancing, get a professional job, or work on your own by doing typing. You can always take a free typing test online to know about how good you are at typing. Just for the information, let us tell you that average typing speed English is about 38 and 40 words per minute (WPM) whereas average typing speed for professionals is about 65 and 75 WPM.

We hope you have liked this post about free online typing test and you now know a lot more about how to type faster and how you can take online free typing test. Just remember that all you need is typing test practice to get better in this field. If you know about any other trusted online typing test websites or apps, then let us know about them via comments below.