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What is Space Planning and Why is it important?

tech planning

When we talk about a design project, firstly we imagine a space decorated with certain decorative elements and color schemes. That is, as a rule, we mean interior design. However, space planning already seems to something self-evident. At the same time, space planning of the interior, as well as space planning in architecture, helps to create a kind of ideological and aesthetic impact on a person. In addition, it is the space plan that is the starting point for the implementation of any design project. Thus, the design engineer is both a planner and a designer, who effectively combines space planning solutions with design solutions.

Why it is important to Design Space?

The importance of space planning is an undeniable fact. After all, a well-executed space plan has a positive effect on the efficiency of the enterprise and its employees, which ultimately contributes to an increase in overall productivity and involvement in the process.

Space planning begins with analyzing the space, studying its direction, getting an answer to the question: how will people spend their time in this space? Further, space is zoned, taking into account the actions or activities expected for each zone. At the same time, when planning, the paths of movement of people in space must be determined. The final stage of the space plan is the placement of furniture, equipment, the choice of colors, and decor elements.

Design & engineering company V-GRAND provides a full range of services, which includes both space planning and interior design. Specialists of the company use modern software (AutoCAD, Revit, ArchiCAD, COMPASS, SCAD, and Grand Estimate) that allows the implementation of any innovative design solutions. Do you want to know how space planning can be beneficial for your company? Together we will find the solution that is right especially for you.