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Why do Companies outsource Software Development – get help from BeKey

The new trend in the world of IT, and not only in IT, is outsourcing. For simplicity, outsourcing, derived from the word outside resourcing, is a case where one company hires another one for an ongoing project. And a company like Bekey is the one where people look for outsourcing.

Why would any company outsource? Several reasons exist. Below you can find some of them.

Efficiency In Functioning

  • variety of developers. One company, especially middle-sized and small ones, may not have a large IT team. Generally, they hire people for basic IT needs. However, whenever a complex, expensive problem arises, they have to hire an expert to resolve it. Here comes help from other companies. Outsourcing solves this problem. A dedicated team from BeKey, for instance, offers help in different areas. Those are Back-End Development, Mobile Development, Front-End Development, Quality Assurance & Project Management, Design, Marketing;

  • lowering costs. A number of companies outsource for a simple reason: to cut off the cost;

  • accessing a wider range of technologies. Not all companies can afford all the technology required for different projects. Therefore, when companies outsource their projects, they get access to new technologies outside of their expertise as well. In the case of BeKey, they have dedicated team for technologies like Digital Healthcare, Advertising & Marketing, Blockchain & Smart Contracts, Business Process Automation, Internet Of Things (IoT) and Hospitality & Tourism;

  • dealing with overload. Let’s assume that you got a big project you dreamt about, and yet you can’t handle it properly. The solution? Outsource the project to distribute workload, so you’ll deliver in time. In BeKey the utmost priority of the dedicated teams is to free you from the workload and deliver the best results quickly, without compromising quality.

Task Management & Distribution

  • a quick solution to an unexpected problem. Via outsourcing, you can solve unforeseen issues faster than it normally takes. BeKey’s dedicated teams are prepped for unexpected technical issues whenever you need that;

  • post-project tech support. If you need to get tech support after the project is completed, you may want to hire a professional tech maintenance team. You can outsource these services to experienced professionals;

  • easier to recruit experts. When you outsource a project, all you need to tell is the number of people you need, the skills they need to possess and the technologies they need to be experts in. The rest is up to the outsourcing company. If you hire a dedicated team from BeKey, be sure you’ll get what you need (and sometimes even more.);

  • easier to focus on high-level tasks. You transfer the responsibilities to the outsourcing company and, then, can focus on the core of your business: marketing, business development, sales. You don’t have to stress over technical details, dangers related to hires that are not fit for your projects, onboarding, etc. The outsourcing company should bring you the result you’ve expected, and the only things that are needed from you in that matter are strategy and feedback.