Why do I need Insurance as a Gardener?

For those who are starting a gardening or landscaping business, you’ll be looking into which essentials you need for your new company. Do you need specific equipment? Do you need these materials? Are there software programs that will make your office time more efficient?

There should be one more question to ask yourself if you haven’t already: have I got insurance? You may have dismissed it – why do you need cover when mowing lawns? – but there are many reasons to get insurance for your green-fingered business venture. You never know when you’ll need it.

Can I start my business without insurance?

It’s unlikely that you’ll get your new company off the ground without getting insurance first. That’s because you can’t do anything, in any industry, without the correct coverage.

Your first customer will probably ask you if you have insurance. If you say no, then you’ll probably lose them as a client. Your insurance will cover you if there are any accidents, injuries, theft or damage to property. So for brands dealing with garden maintenance or landscaping, just make sure that you have the correct lawn care insurance.

What coverage do I need?

When looking for insurance for your business, make sure that you know the requirements for your city and state. That way, you can follow the rules and policies of the authorities.

Once you’ve found out these details, then you can start looking for the correct coverage that your business needs. You should make sure you understand the terms of the policy you are considering – this means you’ll know what kind of coverage you’ll be getting, and what kind of protection you’ll be receiving. There are a number of different policy types that you may need to have. These can include inventory loss, vehicle damage, mechanical breakdown, theft, and business liability.

It may be that you’ll have to get general or public liability insurance. This means you’ll have enough funds for compensation if there is personal injury or damage to property. This does not include protection against bad workmanship. The trader would be the person to make a claim on such a policy – so this could be you. Such insurance is normally specific to the type of activity or trade that you are involved in. If you are a tree surgeon, for example, then you will have higher risks than if you limit your activity to mowing lawns.

People will hire a professional to carry out particular tasks to reduce the risk to themselves and, if they wish, you may find that your customer will ask you to provide proof that you have the correct insurance cover. If so, you should show them your certificate – you could even provide a copy in your new customer welcome pack.

If you become a consultant within your sector, then you may wish to get professional indemnity insurance. This is because your public liability insurance will not cover you for any financial losses based on the advice that you give.