Windows Classroom – Thorough Information

The windows classroom consists of education and training through the Internet. This type of online teaching allows the user to interact with the material through the use of various computer tools. This new educational concept is a revolutionary training modality that enabled the Internet, and that today is positioned as the predominant form of training in the future and gets help in windows 10! Microsoft Corp. announced on May 2 a set of educational products and services, inspired by students and teachers that include a new Windows experience – that encourage creativity -, a variety of PCs with Windows 10 for primary, secondary and professional training, and the Windows 10 computer perfect for university students.

Windows 10; that is a new redesigned Windows experience with a focus on security and providing superior performance. This ensures quick access times, allowing everyone in the classroom to begin learning immediately, to concentrate, without distraction. Throughout this year, they will arrive at the Shop for Education, new experiences for the classroom, thanks to Microsoft Teams, which takes collaboration to a higher level and makes Teams the digital centre of the classroom where teachers and students will collaborate and to learn. We have a team of people who help people in finding solutions to all windows related problem like performance issues etc. They also get help in Windows 10 for you. Windows classroom as a new model of virtual education has offered many advantages, including the following:

  • Greater flexibility. The windows classroom offers greater flexibility with respect to the conventional method of class in the classroom because it is not necessary to be programming every time the logistics involved in any other training activities in the company (search/reservation of appropriate premises, selection of the employees to train, hiring teachers, evaluation, etc.), but once offered a course, students can receive it in any time slot, in addition, the student can set their own learning rhythms, depending on the time available and the objectives that have been set.
  • Ease of access. The fact that the employee can follow any windows classroom course, generally requiring only a terminal with an Internet connection and Internet Explorer.
  • Reduction of learning times. According to empirical studies carried out for this purpose, it has been proven that learning times can be reduced between 40% and 60% if windows classroom solutions are offered.
  • Increased retention. According to experimental studies, the information assimilated in windows classroom processes is retained 25% more than if conventional face-to-face training solutions are used.
  • Compatibility of activities. Windows classroom is compatible with many other activities, almost simultaneously (work, leisure, etc.), because it is enough to only access the computer at any time and, on the other hand, stop the training when you want.
  • Comfort. The windows classroom avoids many trips, which translates into great comfort for employees, since they are frequent trips to places far from their workplace, even having to spend the night outside the usual home.
  • A possibility of immediate update of the contents of the courses. In the windows classroom courses, any modification can be incorporated at any time, and the student can access always updated information, a system that is practically unthinkable in conventional training.
  • Costs reduction. Windows classroom can be up to 30% cheaper than conventional training in the classroom, from which we cannot draw the conclusion that windows classroom has to completely replace a conventional face-to-face training, since it deals with methodologies of very different learning, in such a way that they are often complimented.
  • Personalized training. The windows classroom courses offer the great advantage of being personalized so that every student who identifies in the training portal will be shown on screen all that information (course offer, follow-up on their progress, etc.)
  • Comprehensive monitoring of the training process. In the case of companies: a huge advantage of any windows classroom training action is the possibility of having the human resources management of general monitoring of all and each of the employees, down to the smallest detail, in the process of learning: number of times of connection as well as date and time, exercises performed, page views, degree of employee satisfaction with each course, etc.

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