Writing a Business School Personal Statement

Tips on Writing a Business School Personal Statement

Writing a Business School Personal Statement

Many school graduates decide to attend business schools because this industry is pretty promising. Businessmen are able to reach great success, fame, respect, and earn a lot. These things greatly motivate young minds and they apply for different business institutions. One of the compulsory demands for the application form is to write a personal statement.

It’s a specific essay, which is focused on the person that writes it. In other words, it tells your true story. You should explain the admission committee why you should be accepted to the concrete business school. The task isn’t scientific. You should not look for dependable informative sources to prove a certain theory. You should write from your own experience of yourself. Does it seem to be easy? We warn you to take the matter seriously or you may fail.

This guide dwells on the guidelines that help to compose a strong personal statement for a business school. Take a look at the next essentials:

  1. Tell a true story.
  2. Relate your essay to other activities.
  3. Make your paper special.
  4. Craft an anchor sentence.
  5. Show your motivation.
  6. Convince that you are worth a try.

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Tip #1

This paper concentrates on your persona and you should reveal all the necessary details to get noticed. You may have high grades and respect of your teachers but the admission officers don’t know who YOU are. Therefore, tell them about yourself. Be honest in your writing. Remember that all the data you state in your essay may be easily checked.

Report on your biggest talents and achievements in the business industry. Try to explain your choice. Why did you choose this very institution? How are you going to contribute to its advancement? What goals do you pursue? What do you expect to receive as a result of studying here?

Tip #2

This task should reveal about you as much as possible. This means that it doesn’t involve only academics. Tell about other sides of your life. You may be a talented musician or artist, good in sports or writing short stories. Mention everything that is possible about your persona and your talents. These may be hobbies as well. If you have some academic or sporting rewards, they are worth mentioning as well.

However, don’t overdo. Do not tell boring stories about common things that cannot reveal something special about you. Mention only interesting facts. Try to explain any experiences you had and relate them to your academic goals. For example, you may be a leader in a football team. It made you a leader in everything and you are always targeted at winning. Thus, when you undertake any business project you set success as your only option. Fail cannot be accepted.

Tip #3

Your statement is supposed to step out of the crowd. Otherwise, it’ll be lost somewhere among other dry, boring, and pretty standard works. One of the possible ways to make your essay unique is to show that you possess great potential. Demonstrate a unique perspective or background. Express your passion about the business industry and a particular direction in it. Tell the way you are going to reach success and how you wish to contribute to its development.

Tip #4

You should be aware of such writing technique as an anchoring statement. It’s the main guideline of your paper and it may be compared with a thesis statement. It’s one strong message that clearly states who you are. Judging from it, a committee may evaluate you in a single sentence.

When you begin to write your statement, try to put yourself in the committee’s shoes. If you were an officer of the admission committee, what would you like to read about the anticipated candidate? You may read a pretty lengthy paper but you would like to describe a candidate in some 10-15 words or less. Try to think about the best way to describe yourself.

For example, you can write something like this “I am a responsible and determined person that always tries to reach the greatest heights.” This will be your anchor sentence. Afterward, all other qualities and examples you’ll write should be somehow related to this anchor. Prove and convince the admission officers that you are really the one you say.

Tip #5

You should also convince the committee that you are the right candidate for being accepted. Show motivations that lead you to an MBA. It’s strange enough but some candidates never address this message in their statements. However, everybody knows that this is their main purpose. So, why should you deny that fact? Explain the committee why you pursue an MBA in a particular school. It may be gaining experience, hoping for a good job post, improvement of skills and so on.

Tip #6

Finally, discuss all the experiences you have. You should tell about your personality traits, which are important for a good student and worker. These are responsibility, flexibility, creativity, etc. Show that you are a wise and gifted person that is always ready to fulfill the most complicated tasks.

Another important side is your professional qualifications. Mention all the experiences related to the business industry. You may be engaged in some MBA programs for schoolers, participate in team management, work for nonprofit organizations and something of the kind. Reveal all your positive traits.