Beautiful Wedding Save the Dates

The wedding season brings a lot of happiness and pleasure. The hustle of preparing for someone’s wedding and then attending the function makes people happy. However, if two or more functions come on the same date, it gets hard to choose one and leave the other.

Wedding save the dates postcards helps in this case. These pre-invitation cards alert your guests that you will invite them on some particular dates. Thus, you can avoid any inconvenience with the help of these cards.

What is the save the date card?

Save the date cards are pre-invitation cards that serve the job of informing the guests about the wedding. These cards are not proper invitations as the invitation cards are sent after these cards. Save the date cards are used to update the guest that the wedding will happen at this date and place.

Other than this, these cards also make things easier for you as you do not need to make a long list of the people you will invite. You have partially invited your guests once you have sent the save the date cards. Now you can send your invitation card, and they will be at your place on the decided date. You can use a magnet to save the date cards for a vivid display.

The receiver of the cards

Save the date cards are sent to the guests. These guests are those people whom the host has shortlisted. Save the date cards are not sent to everyone. Rather, only those close ones who will be the guests at the wedding function receive these cards.

The job of the receiver or the guests is to mark their calendar on the dates mentioned on the card. As the card’s job is to notify the guests about the wedding thus, it is the receiver’s job to ensure their presence at the event.

Sending dates

You have to send a save the date card a month or at least 20 days before your event. However, it is not necessary as you can send these cards even six months or a year before your wedding event. The main purpose of these cards is to update the guests to adjust their schedules for the wedding dates.

The earlier you send these cards, the easier it will be for the guests to arrange their schedules. It would be best to send the cards 2-3 months before your wedding event.

Required Information

You do not need to add a lot of information to these cards. They are simple and unique. This is because saves the date cards are just a pre-invitation notification and not the proper invitation. You can add the date and venue of your function. In addition, you can add some designs and wishes to make your card look beautiful.

Modes of Sending

A few years ago, the only mode of sending these cards was by post. However, now you can use a variety of other options as well. You can send these cards via email or any other digital platform. This makes the sending process easier for you.

Although email or social media platforms are easy and convenient for people, the charm and affection of the proper save the date cards at the guests’ doorstep is unmatchable. It is better to send the cards via post because there is a huge probability that the guests do not check their email timely or may receive the email in the spam folder that they never open. Therefore, sending the cards to the doorstep is the best option.

Why Should You Send Save the Date Cards?

Save the date cards, as mentioned earlier, are the pre-invitation cards. However, they carry their importance. These cards are different from invitation cards. Save the date card is important as these cards alert the guests that they will be invited to the events.

Moreover, it urges the guests to mark their calendar on the mentioned dates so that they can make you happy by ensuring their presence at the wedding event.

Other than this, these cards serve to urge the guests to start their preparation as they have to join the event. Therefore, they need to start making arrangements and preparing to avoid any inconvenience.

Final Thoughts

Save the date cards are a smart way to make your guest attentive about the wedding event you have planned. Since those dates are mentioned on the card, they can plan and amend their schedule if required.