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Best crypto day trading strategies in Romania

A digital currency that uses cryptography for security and regulates the production of new units, as well as the verification of transactions, is called a cryptocurrency. In other words, it’s a kind of virtual currency that has begun to have an impact on the world.

There are many ways to get involved in day trading; here are some of the most effective approaches for investing in cryptocurrencies.

The “hodl” strategy

The most popular crypto day-trading strategy is the “HODL” method, which stands for Hold On for Dear Life. This basic philosophy separates experienced traders from newbies – holding onto an investment even if its value drops temporarily instead of cashing out early to avoid a loss.

This strategy involves buying into something whose price you think will go up and then selling it when that happens at a profit. A variant of this method would be buying on dips, meaning that you buy more tokens when their price goes down after you’ve already bought them before.

Margin trading

It’s day trading with borrowed funds, of which there are two types – exchange-based margin trading and peer-to-peer margin funding. Exchange-based margin trading is when you trade on a crypto exchange platform using more money than you have in your account to increase the buying power available to you for crypto tokens or coins.

This kind of trading can be risky because if the price drops by even just 1%, all of your funds will be wiped out, leaving you owing the entire amount to the broker/exchange/platform that you borrowed from in addition to any fees that may incur due to this occurrence.

Swing trading

This strategy is very similar to day trading. Still, instead of holding onto an investment for 24 hours or less, swing trading strategies typically involve holding it for 2-5 days while price fluctuations occur.

The objective here is to find increasing value investments and then sell them at their peak before they start dropping again – it’s more about timing than anything else. Another popular term used with swing trading is scalping, which involves buying and selling quickly (sometimes within minutes) to avoid rapid price fluctuations.


This very active trading style involves buying and selling crypto tokens within minutes or seconds. The idea here is to take advantage of temporary, momentary fluctuations in prices – you buy low and then sell high for a small profit instead of waiting for the overall value to increase considerably before you cash out. You can do this by either choosing one specific token or just going for many different ones at once, trading often throughout the day whenever the opportunity arises.


Initial Coin Offerings, also known as ICOs, are an excellent way to get involved with day trading. They offer investors an early-bird opportunity to buy into a new token or coin before it hits mainstream exchanges, which usually results in demand skyrocketing and a price increase. ICO tokens or coins can then be traded on secondary markets (such as cryptocurrency exchanges) to turn a profit.

Cryptocurrency index funds

These are mutual funds consisting of many different digital currencies instead of just one token/coin. As the value of individual coins changes, so does the value of these funds, which typically mimic an index like the SP 500 stock market index fund – hence where they get their name from. The best part about these is that you don’t have to do any day trading yourself since it’s already done for you, although there are some small management fees involved in addition to tax reporting etc.

Final Word

Day trading crypto can be exciting but does come with some risk. New traders interested in crypto Romania are advised to use a well-known broker like Saxo Bank and trade on a demo account before investing real money.