Can You Keep Plants in the Bathroom?

You’re just getting into buying your first indoor houseplants, but before you go head over heels into plant parenthood, you’ve got a few questions you want to be answered. Maybe you’ve already placed a variety of plants throughout your living room and bedroom, and you enjoy the energy they’ve brought to the space.

Now, you’re left wondering how you can create that vibe in your bathroom for ultimate relaxation? Keep reading to get questions like this answered and to learn a little more on how to create the plant paradise home of your dreams.

Where can houseplants go?


Here’s some pretty great news: houseplants can go just about anywhere in your home. Some can even go outside during warm, summer months. Some plants are specifically known for doing well in low-light conditions, while on the other hand, some require bright light or somewhere between the two. When it comes to putting plants in the bathroom, you’re going to want to choose some that love humidity and possibly low-light since most bathrooms don’t offer direct sunlight.

Plants that work specifically well in humid, low-light conditions include bamboo, ferns, orchids, philodendrons, pothos, snake plants, and spider plants. However, if you notice they’re looking poor, then it’s likely they’re not getting enough sunlight. If this is the case, then it’s time to get them to brighter light or plant them in hanging planters near the bathroom window for the ultimate experience. As a general rule of thumb, know what sort of light various areas of your home provide so you can choose a houseplant accordingly.

Once you know the type of weather and light conditions, you can sift through the various options like these hanging plants indoor styles from Lively Root. Their services offer everyone the chance to finally own an indoor garden, houseplant, or whatever indoor hanging plant you’ve been eyeing for quite some time. After all, plants are the perfect way to make the living space feel more alive, stress-free, and welcoming.

How can I create the bathroom of my dreams?


Now that you’ve determined that houseplants can indeed grace your bathroom space, it’s time to get to creating the interior design of your dreams for your bathroom. Start with the actual design of your space. This includes things like the bathtub, shower, tile, flooring vanity, and window placement.

If you’re not exactly happy with your current layout then it’s time to call some bathroom remodelers in Milwaukee or near you to reach your ultimate bathroom remodel goals. These renovation professionals with years of experience will help you make great installations all of your choices on things like your layout and design so you get a relaxing, dreamy bathroom.

Once the design and remodel are complete, you can hang your macrame plant hanger, hanging pot, and whatever other plant accessories you want to give your indoor plants a home.

Familiarize yourself with various plants.


First-time plant owners want to choose durable indoor plants. The ones that can withstand a little bit of neglect will likely be a great choice so that you don’t have to buy a new plant every couple of weeks if you forget to water or care for it. If you’re ready to take this on, then these easy-to-manage plants include succulents, aloe plants, snake plants, and heart leaf philodendron.

If you’re someone with a green thumb, then try your luck on fiddle leaf figs or a Boston fern which tend to be much more finicky. If all else fails and you want the look of plants without any hassle, then go for some faux greenery to line your bathrooms and living space.