GogoPDF: Trusted PDF Partner For Years

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If you need the perfect tool to offer excellent PDF services, use the simplest keyword for any tool – GogoPDF. You don’t need PDF programs that ask for subscriptions and unreasonable charges. Trust me, there are tons of programs like that on the internet today, but they are either limited or unsafe.

GogoPDF only ensures everyone’s privacy and document security. Besides that, this software requires nothing but an internet connection for your device. With GogoPDF, rest assured that their services will fix all PDF-related issues in minutes!

Check out some of their most utilized tools for free.

Conversion Tool: Excel Spreadsheet to PDF File

GogoPDF’s PDF file converter tool is not solely made for technology experts and professionals but mostly intended for average users who keep PDF files. Nevertheless, many businessmen and working from home individuals have been enjoying this free service from GogoPDF.

Mostly, Excel spreadsheets carry the most valuable information and data of a business; hence, it needs to be secured. Moreover, electronic threats like viruses can be attached to the macros. That said, the Excel to PDF converter will help in securing data from the spreadsheet.

Portable Document Format (PDF) files are ideal for storing confidential contents since they are tamper-proof and can be encrypted. GogoPDF makes sure that the less complicated process will provide a high-quality result by using superior technology. GogoPDF is a quick tool that converts any Excel file to PDF through straightforward instructions.

  1. Upload the Excel spreadsheet to their server.
  2. Let the tool transform the file into a PDF file and wait for a few moments.
  3. Once done, download and save the file to your device.

Repair Kit For Corrupted Documents

Have you ever had a damaged PDF file? Mostly, it is because of malware and viruses that have infected those unprotected files. Some people would remove the file right away, thinking it will be of no use anymore. Well, GogoPDF can retrieve the damaged file for you for free!

You first want to upload the corrupted file into their server, and GogoPDF will try to fix your file into its original function.

Add Watermark For File Ownership

There are a handful of ways to secure your files, and adding a watermark is one of the most favorite ways of PDF users. You do not need any installable programs and applications to be able to avail of this service from GogoPDF. You only need a device and an internet connection.

GogoPDF supports all platforms and operating systems, such as Linux, Windows, and Mac. It is as simple as four straightforward steps, which are also written on their site. First, adding a watermark is a two-way option. You may simply use a text watermark or stamp an image on your file as a watermark.

Encrypt Files With Personal Data and Information

One of the best ways to protect your confidential files from unauthorized people is to lock them using a password. This can be done in a few minutes using GogoPDF’s Protect PDF tool. In addition, there should be nothing to worry about when uploading your files on their server since an advanced security system protects it.

On top of that, all uploaded and downloaded files will be removed permanently from their server one hour after the encryption process is done. After that, GogoPDF will require you to upload your PDF file and create a personalized password containing at least nine alphanumeric characters. Then you shall be able to download and save your file in a few moments.

File Size Reduction

Do you have incompatibilities between sending and uploading your files online? These files potentially exceeded the limit for that action to be done. When a file contains more tables, images, graphs, and other elements, it increases the size. Luckily, reducing file size is only a few clicks for GogoPDF.

GogoPDF compresses up to 70% of your entire file. However, the quality will remain intact and accurate even after compressing the file. Anyone using the tool should be able to do this without any help from experts and tech-savvies. Please follow these steps to get started.

  1. Open your internet browser and go to the GogoPDF website. You can upload your file by clicking the “Select Files” tab.
  2. The Compressor tool will immediately begin reducing the size of your files according to your preferred percent for reduction.
  3. Please wait a few moments until it finishes the process.
  4. Finally, download and save your freshly compressed PDF file to your device.


That’s it! GogoPDF might be the best all-around program for reliably fixing any kinds of issues with your PDF files. More interestingly, there are over twenty tools that you can use for free.