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How Can You Make A Better Marketing Video?

video editing

They say the eyes are the portal to the soul. People who are blessed with sight use their eyes to engage, interact, and immerse themselves in the world. There’s a lot to look at nowadays. Whether it’s the tree swaying in the wind, your children playing outside or the most insane viral video Jukin Media ended up finding, human’s eyes have a lot to experience. Videos take up a lot of your time, and businesses have started to catch on to how they can also reach more people via video marketing. Social networking sites such as TikTok and Instagram are built around short videos people can engage with. In order to be a flourishing business, the video should be a part of your marketing tactics. Here are three ways to make videos work for you and your business.

1. Focus on what your company believes in and not the product.

People love finding a way to connect and believe in something they buy or use regularly. It gives them purpose and fulfillment when making a purchase. If you’re a company making metal straws, and 10% of your proceeds go to clean-up efforts in plastic-filled oceans, make that fact a focal point in your video marketing campaigns. Selling straws is great, but people look for why they should care. A straw purchase can end up meaning so much more to someone if they understand the company’s mission behind the product. Pushy sales never work, and video marketing is the same way. Emphasize your mission over a product.

2. Focus on excitement and engagement.

In essence, don’t make something you wouldn’t want to watch. Be focused and precise in targeting what demographic you want to reach with your video and how you can create something that’ll relate to them. If you’re hoping to reach a middle-aged man with a family, why not make a father the center of your video? That automatically creates relatability and establishes a connection with why they would benefit using the product you’re selling. Make something with a storytelling arc that says a lot in a short amount of time. You should also think your video is exciting and engaging to watch (Try your best not to be biassed when judging this!).

3. Focus on mobile accessibility.

Fewer and fewer people engage with videos on a desktop computer anymore. Instead, mobile is where the masses are. When you’re crafting a video, you have to keep this in mind with framing and ease of viewing when on a mobile device. Make sure the orientation is mobile accessible, and the sizing of your video adjusts based on the platform it’s being viewed on. If you make something that isn’t accessible on many different kinds of platforms, you’re bound to reach fewer people because they’re not going to stick around and watch something that doesn’t fit their screen.

As a business, you want more people to love your product and keep coming back. Marketing is a must to keep people up-to-date on new launches and business initiatives, and video is a powerful way to get the word out and grow your customer base.