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How we helped People balance their lives via a Simple yet Effective Mobile App?

How we helped People balance their lives via a Simple yet Effective Mobile App?

It’s fantastic, how a small pocket application can change the life of a person! That’s what Smartym Pro did with their LifeBalance mobile application (both for iOS and Android). This mobile software development company created an application that helps people with low motivation and imbalanced lives make a big step towards a brighter and happier future.

The social problem this mobile app solves has always been and will be relevant. There are several most important spheres of our lives, that need to be well-balanced in order to have a satisfactory level of our well-being. These spheres are, for example, family, finances, entertainment, health, career, and others. Many people feel miserable yet they don’t realize why until they download LifeBalance and see that they simply put their life priorities in the wrong way.

Smartym Pro delivered full-cycle mobile development activities starting from an early concept and ending with post-launch marketing. The final result was an application, that lets people log their life activities, set priorities and track the progress. The visual method used in the application is called “The wheel of life”, and also we integrated some colorful diagrams.

Basically, any user of LifeBalance has to go through 3 steps:

  1. Identify the areas of life, that lack their attention, and rank them;
  2. Prioritize other areas and indicate the actions need for these areas’ development;
  3. Perform these actions and score points for each of them. The points collected per area of life are then counted and shown on the “Wheel” in their percentage ratio. Therefore they can see which spheres need more actions, compare the planned percentage ratio with the real situation.

If people use the application reasonably, they will end up being more successful and satisfied with their lives. Moreover, they will enhance their time-management and planning skills, learn how to cherish every single moment and be in a perfect balance with everything that’s going on in their lives. Learn more about the development of a life-balance app you can on the company’s website.

Smartym Pro is a company with an exceptional and diverse experience in lifestyle application development. Anything from event management and free-time planning to complex socio-financial systems, custom blogging platforms – we can do. The company uses the most progressive and innovative technologies and the most reliable project management techniques in order to deliver the most valuable products for clients all around the world.