Reasons for Hiring Inflatable Planets

Giant inflatables are a great way to decorate any room, make events and parties more interesting and create memorable business launches. Hiring inflatable planets can create a space vibe and the planets can be used in the daytime or evening as decoration.

Hire inflatable planets for parties

There are lots of giant inflatable options out there, but planets, in particular, provided a magical feel. If you’re having a garden party, why not hang some inflatables up if you have the space? Children specifically would love these inflatables but they will also work for adult parties, you could create your own ‘out of space’ theme dressing up party and go all out with the decorations.

Create a whole solar system for educational purposes

Creating the solar system in inflatables can be an amazing way to teach children, it is unlikely they will forget the planets if they have seen them in such large sizes. Inflatable planets for classrooms could also help to create an inspirational area for learning, when children are surrounded by colourful materials they will likely want to keep learning. If you don’t want giant planets, you could also request smaller sizes to be used for classrooms.

Outdoor cinemas with inflatable planets

If you’re setting up an outdoor cinema and want to add some extra touches, why not invest or hire a few inflatable planets? You could even hire a moon to make the atmosphere extra special. Inflatable planets work outside as well as inside, they are obviously waterproof so they can be used in any weather. Perhaps not if it’s very windy though, you wouldn’t want them to blow away!

Business launches, events and conferences

Hiring inflatable planets for this purpose will very much depend on your business and the industry, of course, they won’t be appropriate for every industry but see if you can make them work for certain events. If you are partaking in an event, hiring planets like Saturn and Jupiter can look effective and make your company really stand out. Some inflatable companies are flexible with creating planets, you could order a planet inflatable with your company logo or some branding printed on it.

Promotional events in shopping centres

You might be a company with promotions coming up and need to attract your target audience to your stand or pop up stall. Depending on where you will be based, there are always ways to get people to come and visit your stall and inflatables are usually successful. For those running promotions in shopping centres, planets or an inflatable moon hanging from the ceiling will be hard to miss, and will very likely get you lots of customers, especially if there is already a large footfall in the area.

Other types of giant inflatables you could hire

If you think planets are a bit too much or they aren’t exactly what you are looking for, there are many more giant inflatable options out there. Go for air dancers, inflatable arches, giant animals or blimps. It really does depend on your company and the audience you want to attract.

Inflatable plants can be hired for a range of different purposes and once you have tried them out you will surely be using them again in the future. Whether it’s a business event, children’s party or classroom use, we hope you find the right size planets for your purpose.