VSCO Guide: How To Download And Edit Photos

Sometimes, photos look way better when edited. Editing can emphasize and improve your photo by adjusting its brightness, contrast, hue, and many more. If you’re into photography or editing, then VSCO is just perfect for you.

Most people want to show off the photos that they have taken since they feel good when a lot of people like or give good comments. Sometimes, people want to make their photos look better, or they want to change the vibes of the images.

A uniformed and organized feed of photos is always a great thing to see. Among the hundreds of photo editor apps, VSCO is the most popular and has the most Instagram-worthy filters that fit many kinds of trends.

How To Download VSCO

For Android users, you can head to the Google Play Store and type “vsco” in the search bar and enter. When the results have appeared, tap Install beside the VSCO name and wait for it to finish installing.

For iOS users, you can go to the App Store and do the same thing. If you have finished installing, open the app and sign up for your account. After that, you can start editing your photos.

Editing Your Photos

Users can choose photos from your camera roll or gallery album or capture a picture right on the spot. Look for the grey bar at the bottom if you want to take the image using the app. In a VSCO camera, you can control its brightness and focus by double-tapping.

After you have selected your photo, you can now start editing your picture however you want to edit them. You can use the filters that they have or go to the VSCO Shop and choose and download more free presets. For better presets, VSCO also offers paid presets and limited bundles for 99 cents and USD 60 each, respectively.

If you prefer editing and creating your filter or preset, you are very welcome to do so since VSCO also has the feature where you can manually adjust the photo’s exposure, highlights, clarity, saturation, shadows, and more. You can also crop your photo and add some grain.

As we edit our photos, there will always be a time where you won’t like how you adjusted your photo. Always remember that you have the option to undo and redo any changes you have made, and you can still view your edit history and go back to a part you want.

Once you are satisfied with the photo you have edited, you can publish and save it to your VSCO Feed and Gallery. You can also export them to your camera roll or photo album and post them at your other social media accounts like Instagram or Facebook.

VSCO Gallery: Where To Save

Take note that your VSCO Library is different from your photo gallery or camera roll. You can save your photos in the app while not keeping it in your phone’s gallery. When you save your edited photos, VSCO will not overwrite or replace the original photo, but it will save a separate edited picture.


Taking photos and editing them is a satisfying feeling for some. It even improves our skills in photography, and maybe we can make better pictures next time. Through this, we can share what we have seen to others and even inspire them to create or capture their photos.

Our photos are a way of expressing how we feel or what we have felt during that moment. It captures one of the greatest memories of our life, and it is something we can keep for the rest, and even after our lives.