Web Designers V/S Web Developers: What’s The Difference?

A web designer is a person accountable for designing your website’s layout, ease of use, and appearance. Web developers, on the other hand, are the people responsible for building and maintaining the core structure of a website.

Both developers and designers are important to the web design company. Designers take on the creative, graphic, and technical aspects. Developers use programming languages ​​to transform their designs into working realities.

Let’s thoroughly analyze the difference between the two.

Differences between web designers and web developers

Web designer

  • Role

Web designer Adelaide performs a variety of tasks. However, their central role revolves around the layout of the website and the design of the visual aspects. Their goal is often to make the site visually appealing to encourage visitors to stay as long as possible.

  • Type
  • User Experience (UX) Developer

UX designers help ensure that your website is designed to attract users and provide a formative experience. Your job is to build a human-centered composition based on the results of the data.

  • User Interface (UI) Developer

UI designers also play an important role in website design. Their role is to improve the usability of the website and optimize it for ease of conversion.

  • Visual designer

Visual designers combine UX and UI design work to manipulate the composition and visual aspects of a website. Part of the job of a visual designer is to ensure that the user interface is comfortable and easy to use.

  • Required skills
  • Deep knowledge of HTML and CSS
  • Understand website design principles and be aware of web accessibility standards
  • Ability to create compelling and interactive designs
  • Knowledge of wireframing and prototyping
  • Knowledge of branding, typography, and understanding of color theory
  • Ability to use construction tools and required software

Web developer

  • Role

The core task of a web developer is to create and maintain the core structure of a website. These features require far more technical work than manual skills, such as advanced programming languages ​​and complex coding. Simply put, their job is to transform a web designer’s set of ideas into a real, fully functional website.

  • Type
  • Backend web designer

Backend designers are likewise known as server-side developers. This is because their work is primarily related to aspects of the website that are “behind the scenes” that are hidden from the front end to the user.

  • Front-end web designer

Front-end designers are also known as client-side developers. Their job basically involves programming and coding the visual elements you want to show to your users.

  • Full-stack developer

A developer who does both front-end and back-end work in forming a website is called a full-stack developer. You have a solid understanding of both pieces, so they are called the most important component of a web design company.

  • Required skills
  • Knowledge of programming languages ​​such as JavaScript, HTML, and PHP.
  • Knowledge of JavaScript frameworks such as jQuery
  • Knowledge of debugging and testing Knowledge of CMS (Content Management System)
  • SEO knowledge


The work of web designers Adelaide and web designers is different from the work of other developers, but their interdependencies cannot be overlooked. Both people are important in developing an effective website, so hiring a web design company that supports both services is advisable.