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Dust Off Your Bike: Changing Your Body and Mind

Did you know that around 40% of adults and 18% of minors in the US are considered medically overweight and obese?

Obesity is more dangerous than just being overweight. It’s a condition that increases the risk of other diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. Another type of disease, a mental health pandemic is also getting worse. Sources indicated that approximately 1 in 10 Americans are suffering from depression and related mental illness.

It has never been more urgent to start thinking about how to address these problems.

Cycling: Impact on Both Body and Mind

One solution may be cycling. This sport has been taking centre stage lately because almost everybody can start practising it. It also has tons of benefits for both mind and body. Here you will come to know why you should dust off your old bike and get going! or wherever you are at!

Benefits for Your Body

Whether you’re just starting or are a cycling enthusiast in Colorado like Kent Thiry, you can experience great physical benefits from cycling. Practising cycling can help you to save money long-term on medicines and treatments. Cycling can be done in intervals, which is very healthy for your cardiovascular system. It also can help with developing a great lung capacity, and build lean muscle, which helps to burn stored fat.

Cycling burns close to 384 calories in one hour and can help you tone your muscles while protecting your joints. It is not as rough on your system as running, for example. You can even use it to boost your immunological system.

Additionally, it is believed that cycling may help fight insomnia and give you better rest.

If you’re an amateur and you haven’t cycled before, it’s important to remember that you can start out slow. Start with flatter paths, and avoid any path that is curvy or sharply inclined. It’s alright to start with just 10 minutes and work to spend more time every week practising cycling.

Benefits for Your Mind

Cycling also has a healthy effect on mental health. First of all, taking time for yourself to cycle may help reduce stress and anxiety. Cycling also often takes place in nature, where you are breathing pure air. It gives you a great serotonin and endorphin boost, making it impossible not to feel a positive change in mood.

Cycling, for beginners and for that cycling enthusiasts in Colorado, alike, can benefit from the social aspect of it. It is a sport you can practice with groups such as family members, friends, coworkers, or other enthusiasts. Getting together with other cyclists, and being away from a job or academic environment brings rest to your mind. And, at times when social isolation is unfortunately widespread, this sport can help prevent loneliness.

In Conclusion

Overall, cycling is a sport that you can do alone or with others, that burns a nice amount of calories and strengthens the body and heart, and can help release endorphins and combat depression. Its benefits are wide-reaching and definitely worth it.